Friday, September 30, 2005


On wednesday my my siter and my brother went to my cousins place in kellyville.. i NO.. i have no idea wer that is.! but the houses are masive.. *sigh* but yea.. and she got a big house..! yea slept over der for one night only we could have stayed longer butmy brother got sick..!! and yea.. the thing we did der.. was just wathed dvd's oh and we watched Guess Who, Jhonson's family vacation (again) darkness the gheyest movie ever!! its soo confusin..! and its soo LAME.! but yea it was FUN..(not the movie) well yea while we yer watchin my cousins made some pop corn and she went up stairs and i was watchin the dishes and my two sibling wer asleep, my cousins parent went out somewer soo we got the house..! and yea.. my cousins forgot the popcorn inside the microwave soo it got burnt.. soo we spent like 10 -15 mins seperatin the burnt and the good ones out.. omg its soo funny.. but yea. its was like 30% good and the rest burnt.. argh.. but its still goOd.. >.< lol and yea the nxt day we have to go back to ashfield. soo my cousin dropped Us..!! HOme SWEET HOME..!

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