Sunday, December 04, 2005

ashley partii

omg ashley's party was so coOl..!! i love it.. well first chontelle came to my house den my dad dropped me and chontelle to ashley's house.. lol
ehhe den we ate chicken otehr fOod omg i was like soo full.. tnx.! lol and i coudnt move..1! eheh ashley. your back hurts.. den we started takin photo's its soo cool..!! hehe here are some of teh photo's der more but i need to get dem..!!: click the photo for enlargement!

and soo we went to the movies and we met with the guys..!!( kevin, sam,cedric,and gianni and dis other dude.!) ehhe lol.. omg and me michlle and chontelle and melissa and ashley went walkin around we got the 4:20 harry pot head movie.! lol soo yea and we got der :2:40 eheheh.. lol how earlii.. soo yea..!! and yea we went walkina round stupid bwd mall lol.. ehhe but yea.!! its was coOl and hary potter was soo coOl.!! i loved it.. im goin to the ball with harry potter...!! YAY ehhe lol yea and yea N yea..!! we went in and sat down wer in the freakin fornt of the freakin screen..!! oh my but ut was skoOl.. S& C is soo cute..!! lol and M&G OMG.. and yea ..!! lol
it waas soo cOol.!! and ye we wen tback home to ashley house to eat dinner..!! adn eat the cake.. and chontelle's mum came and pick me adn chontelle up and chontelles. mum dropped me home..!! thnx chontelle's mumm.. and ye ai got home like at 8:30 lol.. ehhe lol!!but yea.. its coOl.. ohh well loveli dayy!! i love it..

HAPii 14 th burfdaII

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