Friday, December 09, 2005



well at first its the dai wen wer having the medieval feast OMG.. it was soOo coOl.. omg the chicken was yummi.. lol.!and we had to eat wiht our hands.. eheh filo style..!!fo sure... and it was a dressed up party toO.. so me,chontelle,and michelle dressed up as witches..!! eheh lol.. OMg my out fits is soo punkii..!! lol. and yea and i won the besr dreesed for being a witch..!! lol OMG how gay!!! and im getting an ice block..!! lol but yea its was coOl..

yay finalli one of my favorite day of the week!! as you know it ice skatin..! ahah lol.. well yea i heard dat st mary's people arent goin to ice skating.. wat a shame!! im not gonna see Jd..!! lol. and YF and kevin..!! but yea..! it was cOol.! and dela sale guys wasent der.!! lol and the little mole children..! but LEWISHAM was der..!! ahaha.. lol HB..! was der.. ehe lol but this time he wasent wearing a hat..! =] how coOl was dat it was jst bethlehem people and lewisham..! and the ice rink was like soo emptii.. eheh lol den lewisham left earli like alwais.. soo bye bye hB.. lol and yea soOo BETHLEHEM had the ice rink to OR self.. lol and it was soo cOol den we toOk photo's while ice skating.. how scarii would dat bee..!! lol and yea we kept on fallin on purpose on the ice.. it was soo fun and me and chontelle kept on slidding on the iCE..eheh lol.

Todai was the st vincents carols..! aka st vincents reunion..!! lol it didnt realli turned out as a reunion..!! but it was fun..!! eheh the people hu came was me,ashley A ,mishka,melissa Henrigues, lauren,kitty,ryan,fred,nicholas,kell,charles,ashley P and the other..!! cant remember..!! lol. and we toOk photo's too ! but yea.. it ws cool i dressed up all black.. ehhe *im not a goth!!! (for some people)* =[ but it was coOl.. omg melissa.H i havent seen her like a year now and its was soo Cool.. we hav like tonnes to talk about..!! but yea i miss ya melissa.H lol! and yea we walked around the freakin skol.. eheh !! its was fun but..! (but someone didnt COME..arghh) >.<>

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