Wednesday, January 04, 2006

tnx jessica

well every one.. isnt jess soo coOl.. she mad this one for me..! its soo cute.. i nearly cried..!! =[ but yea.. its coOl. im alive..
hey everyOne yeSs iits tRu MELANiiE the BEST ghurl in the worLD has hAd her lasT daii at b.C omg.. i fEel so loNely lolzs MEL this iis for YoU:D>>>>>>FriEnDs<<<<<<<
we haVe known each oTher sinCe thE vErii fiirst daii wHen you walked into the skoOl we thOught you wouLD staYy bUt eVen iif you leeVe us you'LL neveR reElii gOnOw iitS thE laSt dayY anD wE wiLL miSs you SosO whEn you stArt to cRyY and yYour feeLing sAd juSt reMembeR..aLL the goOd timEs we haDaNdd alL meMoriiEs wE shARejuSt knOw wE wiLL alwayYz CARE>>>bYy jEssiicka fOr Melanie<<
thanks jessie.. man i love you guys..!!

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