Sunday, November 29, 2009

welcome, world

New layout :)
And I like it! Well holidays have already started, and its going slowly.
Slow is good, so I can glide through it with ease. After being un-grounded for a week from my sister, the first thing I did, was hang with the boys and gone to a trip to Le Parouse.
Good place, good beach. So calming and great, and of course with an outing, a camera is accounted.
All photo's are uploaded into facebook. So its all good. And I love it, brother continously remind be that I have become an Internet junkie. To prove him wrong, I will leave this blog to be finish to some other day.

Ahaha, its 3.07am and im blogging. All im going to say is La Perouse is great !
La Perouse on Saturday ( Nov 28). What a great way to spend a saturday

Ps: Sahil; Blogs are great, and so are you! Therefore try it :)

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