Sunday, July 18, 2010

Petrina Jane, you sure know how to make me smile. You are so obsessed with me that I am starting to love it, I actually love it. The reason why Petrina Jane is awesome, not only does she stalk me all the time, and sit outside my apartment and spy on my every move, she had made a list ... an "  I’m obsessed with Melanie because…"   list, isn't that amazing? She actually listed 20 reasons why I am incredibly awesome. I don't know if i can top that, but she knows ... Oh my, I think I love her. But not only because she made me a list, but she was always there for me, whenever I talk about psycho Derek, she is in my side no matter what. Pretty much she keeps me sane... only joking she drives me insane, to a point that I'd talk about her all day.
Petrina Jane is totally awesome because...

1. She can handle my ridiculousness   
2. I can handle her jokes, and she can handle mine
3. I can tease her all I want, and she still would love me
5. We think a like and that's what makes the BOTH of us awesome
6. She has a Melanie Shrine
7. I can deal her anything and she would happily accept
8. We both hate the same people... die nanny Carrie die !
9. She is my only bebo active friend who gives me Bebo love, and my only myspace active friend who is bothered to compose a comment with words being Rainbow coloured ♥

10. I can discuss different TV shows with her in length that would go on forever
11. Jordan Rodrigues will be eighteen in 2 days! He is not a child!
12. My life would have been dull and lame if I didn't meet Petrina Jane
13. One day I will created a TV show and call it : How I met Petrina Jane C
14. We will both marry a vampire... LOL JOKES we aren't retarded!
15. We pretty much are sisters ... from another mother of course.

16. She is a FREAK! A TV freak, and a weirdo
17. She is in love with the Salvatore Brothers, that I think she is starting to believe she will marry one of them
18. We are both over TAYLOR LAUTNER
19. WE BOTH HATE THE 109 year old virgin (He who must not be named... no the other one)
20. She BELIEVES IM AWESOME, and I think that's awesome, therefore makes her AWESOME 

... I could go on, BUT this is MY blog remember? Not yours. Don't get too excited now 

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Petrina! said...

Im so awesome. and now all your stalkers know it ;)