Thursday, August 12, 2010

Alright okay, so another busy Wednesday; another Wednesday covered in paint. But you gotta love printmaking-Screen Printing, right? So anyway, after my printmaking class, I get a call from Daryl saying to meet at Wynyard station, as Charlie wants to go to some pub near Wynyard station. Yes, we got there, Harts Pub, the logo reads, we enter, and straight away you could feel a sense of relaxation. And I have to say, I have not been to many pubs myself, but this one is a wow-er. It's atmosphere is amazing, the structure of the pub is incredible, it may have been a house before and was made it into a pub, but still, it was so nice and comfortable. The chairs/couches are to die for, they are wonderful. And there was a "Beer Garden" upstairs that we were unable to check out, I guess there's always a next time, right? So, okay, we got there, we found ourselves a spot to sit down (yes we got the couches!) and ordered beer. We couldn't decide what type of beer to get, so we got three Tasting Paddle. A Tasting Paddle, is a paddle, with four holes that a glass fits into. Each glass has a different type of beer( the paddle is numbered 1-4). A Tasting Paddle is $10, so it wasn't too bad, knowing that you would be getting FOUR different types of beer to taste! And since we got three Tasting Paddle, that means twelve different type of beer to taste. And yes, we tasted each one of them; from light beer to dark beer, and we even wrote our feedback. My favorite was the Number 11. It is said by numbers as it is impossible to know each and every beer name... as we are new comers.
It was a wonderful experience, would definitely be back


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