Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Drawings: 

#Project 2;
Drapery- We are to draw draperies that were hung up on our class room walls, and exactly capture the shades and tones that is made from the light

Ps: I had to increase the contrast of both images, as the original images that I took from my camera were too light to be seen

#Project 3;
 Item of Clothing metaphor- We are suppose to pick an item of clothing, and draw it twice, exactly the same, but the second image must be changed; changed of paper, changed of medium (charcoal, white pencil etc), coloured or not and all. And I have chosen to change the colour of my paper, and draw with a white pencil and white charcoal.
And the results ...

Ps (again): I had to increase contrast on my first image, as my original image was too light, and you couldn't see anything at all.

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