Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Brightness and head aches: A shop called "So Good" in George St will have to be the most 'wtf'' shop I've ever seen in my whole entire life. Now picture this; it has pink wallpaper, but not just a plain pink wallpaper, it had frills. Yes, pink frills as a wallpaper, and they stick out, so its 3D pink frills wallpaper. It incredible how they think this would look good as a wallpaper, if you can't picture it, here, have a look at this picture: 

 But that isn't all of it, now we have covered the walls, lets look at the floor. This shop decided to use zebra patterned carpet. Zebra Patterns. I have nothing against zebra pattern, yes it works well with fashion ... sometimes and if its worn well, but as a carpet? As a jewelry shop? This shop will have to earn DOUBLE FACE PALM! 
Have a look at the floor:

And to top it all of, this shop is so freaking bright! And when I say bright, I mean bright: gazillion bright lights with shiny silver/gold, but mostly silver, bright jewelry on display
It was incredibly scary, and today will be the first and last time I'd ever set foot inside this place... They didn't even have good jewelry... which was disappointing

Hm, headache, you are still here

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