Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Haymarket, Sydney  presents, Chat Thai 

Audrey and I went to have lunch after our tutorial as her birthday lunch kind of thing. Initially we thought of eating Balinese food at Anzac Parade, this restaurant called Bali Sticks, but we started talking about Thai food, and realised our appetite for Thai food started to kick in.. so Audrey brought me to this place in Haymarket, a Thai restaurant. And by just walking into the restaurant, I know I will fall in love.
I sat on the chair, and I fell in love! I looked around, and I loved what I saw.
I looked at the menu and ... I LOVE WHAT THEY HAVE! So we decided to order, looked at the menu and one picture caught my eyes, and I knew that's what I had to have: 
SUKHO THAI (with or without consommé)
Thin rice noodles in spicy chicken stock with fish paste dumplings, dried shrimps and pork loin- finished off with peanuts and finely sliced green beans
I ordered it with  consommé
And, damn! I loved it! And they brought our food, and brought us cups, the cutest cups I've ever seen, drinking cups by the way, small, but cute.
The place is filled with everything I needed on that day, considering I was having a bad day, it was so relaxing. They also do take away desserts, I didn't have the chance to try the desserts, but next time... 
IT'S A MUST. The desserts they have to offer also looked amazing, and I may not be a coconut fan, but I saw this coconut dessert, Coconut Jelly, and I have to say, all I wanted to do was have a  taste of that. Definitely, next time, and yes, watch out Chat Thai, you will be seeing more of me.
Thank you Audrey Alim and Chat Thai for not making my entire Tuesday not a crap day
Thank you
Oh yes, and it is a recommendation, whoever is reading this and after you have read this, sometime in your life, check out Chat Thai, click the website to see other places they are located at

20 Campbell Street, Haymarket, Sydney, Australia, 2000

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