Wednesday, November 07, 2012

This one was for my last project for the semester- a portfolio work: Digital Composite 2
Worked with ink and water
 ..lecturer wanted more from this, unfortunately, I couldn't submit this as it is, had to make it more interesting..

And interesting is what I gave him

This was my favourite project, love every minute editing it and putting them together. Ink is something I have love especially during my B. Fine Arts semester, will definitely work with ink again in the future.

Main influences I had in producing this work was looking at Alberto Seveso projects relating with ink-
His work is amazing, so beautiful, I instantly fell in love

Another artist is Japanese artist, Shinichi Maruyama
His work is so simple, but the details of each image, breathe taking!

Ink and water, till we meet again

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John Milutin said...

It's great to see you're blogging again. the logo look sweet, really pro.