Saturday, October 08, 2005


todai `chontelle came over around 12 or 1... and she thot me how to play time of my life greenday in the guitar..!lol it was cool....!and yea she had lunch at my house.. we ate chicken.. it was yummy..!! =D but yea.. den my dad dropped her to her house and i came over her house.. her house was coool... lol and she let her fricking ferrat out.. and it stared runnin around arghh it was and it bit my toes and my arm.. arghh..!! my poOr are and toes.. ehhe lol and she gave my a GoOd chAtlottE.. poster.. ehhe OMG billy.. is soo cute and h0t...ehhe lol well yea.. and i met her two masive dogs.. omg its bigger dan my brother.. how scarii.. =( lol and she got a brid too ehehe.. well yea dats all and i went home.. lol soo tired..! soo so long reader`s again... bye bye..

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