Thursday, October 06, 2005


my sleep todai was disturb by melissa she rang my home and asked wat was my home number/ and i told her.. and the nxt thing you hear is the doorbell ringing..!! arghh and i was still in bed... soo i ran to the toilet and have a quick bath..!! how annoying..!*and i just bit my nail dam* arghh but yea..!! soo i came outside and saw melissa f and ashley panta sitting in my couch.. lol my sister gave dem some juice..! but ya. we all talk and laugh.. ehhe lol den dey went to the poOl`s to swim.. lol i didnt go wiht dem.. ehhe .=] but yea ....
and yea.. wen dey left i went back to sleep..ehhe *cheekii me* =P

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