Saturday, December 17, 2005

last dai in bethlehem

lol OMG the day has come wen my days in bethlehem is over.! man im soo high todai..!! eheh lol.. but yea.. its coOl.. well first its my last mass in bethlehem..!! im gonan miss it..! finnali we got to sit in the chairs.!!
but yea.. after church its recess and its sports time..!! man soccer was boring..! but after soccer we had volleyball.!! yay.. i love volleyball.. and we played with 8 mauve.. yay steph...
eheh omg u guys are soo funni man im gonna miss all of you..!! =[.. but den tnx for the frame.. now its in my roOm..!! eheh. steph and jess.!! kiss to all and tnx for the BOOK too..!! man dat wa ssoo coOl.. i love dah boOk.. eheh the favorite teachers.. yes..! lol.. and tnx for the bOOk nat. and the [V] and the bueno..!! yummmeheh luv you all..!! heheh omg and the kareoke was soo coOll yey "its my life its ow or never..!! im gonna live for ever.." and so on.. eehhe lol gomez.. eheh and yea omg i cnat believe we went and sang..!! eheh lol ! man how crazii was dat..1!
but yea.. crazii people and im gonna miss dat soo much..1! and after that karaoke..!! man my tears came out..!!! =[.. man i couldnt help it..!! im soo sorii..!! ehhe lol.!! and nat dnt worri i wont forget the boOk.. heh lol.. and omg im gonan find out wat dat number means..!! but yea..!! yay holidai has currently started..!! yay.. lovelii..!! OMG.. here comes all the hugs..1!! ^-^
huggi for ever one..!! and kisses too.. man..! but yea! man.. 6 weeks of holidais..1! man loveli more time to sleep..!! sleeping late and waking up late toOo.... woOt wOot..

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