Thursday, December 15, 2005

thursdai.. last IS

well its thursdaii...!! its a normal thursdai and me.alex.chontelle cnat wait to go ice skating..!! man and it was soOO hot..! and its my last thursdaii..1!! *another sad face=[*... man.. im gonna miss iceskating.. =[
but yea.. well ye we all thot dat we have ice skating but SOMEONE cancelled it..!! arghh im soo angry..!! man and its liek my last thursdai activity..! man wat a party popper..!! argh2x.. but yea... soo we end up watchin ANASTACIa..!! (watever u spell it..!!) but i went and played volleyball.>! phew..* and yea..!! and i was soo tired..!!
so i got home and my sister sed to me dat my dad saw greendai and he took photo's wiht dem.. but it was only billy joe..!! tre coOl was not der and so was mike..1! but yea..! it was soo coOl.. and im like soo jealous.!! =( here are some of the photo's/..=]

billy joe wiht random people..!! ehe billy joe signin..!

and der goes my laziness.!! i cant be bothered..!! lol soz.. oh well.. may be later..!!
and yea..!! man tomroow is like my last dai..! and its a bludge day..1! woOt woOt..

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