Wednesday, December 14, 2005


well its one wonderfull wednesdai..! wen during lunch everione was all gone and i dnt no wer everione went .. and i found natalie well natalie found me..!! ahh and she told me dat she lost her boOk.. soo i went wiht her to lOok for it..!! she made me walk the whole freakin skoLl..!! and den she led me to A5..! and it was all dark and i couldnt see anithing.. "SUPRISE" omg.. its a freakin suprise partei.. for me..!! OMG>>
IM like soo suprise.. now i no how it FEELS..!! =]=]=]=] ehhe lol.. OMG.. but yea its coO;; soo ye had fOOD and parteii and dance and took photo's!! eheh lol.. omg and LEE HARDING sign the board..!!lol.. chontelle..!!
well yeaadn yea but den the dai have ended and ye ahd too clean..!! ehhe.. my last wednesadi in bethlehem..! =[
but yea.. yey ice skating tomroow..!! wOot woOoot... well yea..!! man yea and tnx for all the pressie guys..!!! mwa.. xox

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