Monday, December 12, 2005


nice party chontelle.!! ehhe luna park was fUn..!! eheh lol. and finnalli met JONAS..! lol..
well yea yesterday it was chontelle's party we went to luna park..! ehhe well we meet up in chontelle's house it was me .chontelle and alex and daniela dn chontelle's cousins..!! we went luna park with chontelle's mum.. it was soo hot.. lukilli i put sunscreen.! smart me..! lol and yea.. went we got to luna park we got our passes and went to tango train first..!! it was me.chontelle.alex.danieland alec hu went der..!! lol mygod. dat stupis train killed me..!and alec got sick..!! ehehe ...i was like soo squashed.. arghh ,and yea den we went on the flyin saucer..! my god dat was boring!! i feel like jumpin of the little sit.
but it was cool.. den we went on the spider..!! ehhe. lol alex got sick after dat spider thing..!den we went corney island.. man the slid was soo coOl..stupid daniel keep on beating me..!! arghh.. nah i was goin easi on the guy..!.. man den after dat we went and got foOd.. omg that stupid thing man me and alex wait for a century..!!arghh.. lol! and finnali that gurl came wiht alex chicken burger.!! ehehe..! and yea all sat down and eat.. den the WILD MOUSE was open.. soo chontelle and alex went der while me.daniel.alec.and chontelle cousin went around and play games and talk..!! ehhe goo daniel..! ! den daniel won thing big ladi bug toy for chontelle.!! how cute is dat..!! =] lol i wanna brother like daniel.. and yea and alec won some stuff tOo.. and i found out dat alec knows JD.. how coOl is dat..!! omg..! =D and yea.. den we talk again and got fairy flos..! man to manii sugar..!! lol den jonas is like waiting. outing chontelle's house.. ahah lol. den we got home and did some stuff..! we played nxt doOr in the skool. and i saw chontelle's ferret.!! and we talked again and jonas played some song for us in the guitar..! den alex dad came and she had to gooo so den we watched harry potter fo a while den and we played hide and seek..! man dat was a short hide and seek game.. lol but jonas had to leave cos his mum was der to pick him up..!!! den me and chontelle had a karaoke.. eheh lol go chontelle man chontelle was soo and daniel was crazy..!! den yea my dad came and chontelle wanted me to stay longer but i coudnt..!! lol soz chontii..! well tnx for the lovelii dai..!! i had lots of fun!!! oxox

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