Monday, January 30, 2006

just stoppin.

currently:bored and hungry is coming..! and i cnt wait.. im jst bloggin bcoz i am bored..!! im not allowed to go msn at the moment.. that sucks.. i know.
well on wednesday dats wen i start my new school..
AUrthur Phillip parra.! ^_^. verry cOol.. and i miss all my frends..!!! =[
well now i gotta concentrate!!
*sigh* and i gotta travel all the way to ashfield to parra and all the was back..! man hectik..!! >.<
i want an electric guitar..!!
i want it and i want it NOW..!!! im acting like a child..!!
well imma bounce now bcoz i got nothin to say..!! and im hungry like i sed..
soo im gonna get soem foOd.. im out..!!! bye bye..!!
PS: good luck to everyone
for this yr and for teh future.. KEEP In touch and keep me updated..!! ;] im outtie..!!
love you heaps all.----> <3`melanie..!!>
xox hugs and kisses..

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