Saturday, February 04, 2006

my first day @ school..

wow.. well my first day of school was on the 1st of feb.!!

well wen we got to parra station.. man it was packed. of school people..!! >.<
and yea well my first day was cool.. met some new friends which are coOl..! and the school is soo confusing..!! T_T
man i was like late to my eevry single class jst lOokin for it..!!! ^_^ but
den im jst new soo in an xcuse.. =]
well yea..its soo HOT.. why is it HOT.. man i was dieing inside the class roOms..!!
dey didnt hav fans.. well dey did but its like slow..!!!
man the school uniform is awesome..
its soo coOl..!! eheh and the tie is great.. ^_^
but i wanna get a pants ... i dnt like skirt.!!! T_T

and NOW we have to travel from ashfield to parra.. which is soo painfull..!! arghh
but den im gonna get used to it.. soo no worries.. ^_^
and i finish early every fridays..!! woOt wOot...
yea.. the canteen is weird.. o.O
oh well ders more to come and i will keep u guys updated..!!
do not worry..!! heheh.. ^_^..
well imma leave now bcause i got like tonnes of homework to do
especialli MATHS..!!! arghhh. T_T// !!! *sigh*

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