Saturday, March 11, 2006

its been a while

man its been like ages i havent blogged in this thing..!!! wOow..

but anyhOos.. yess well schoOl is pretty goOd and FUN.. man i love my schOol.. ehhe.
many things have been happening .. *sigh*
but yess its great.. so many homework..!! especialli in MATHS.. . and wer having a maths test soOn..
yea i found friends.. der awesome..!! i love you guys..!!!
stop loOkin at my butt AVLIN..!! ahaha lol alvin. AVLIN AVLIN AVLIN..!! <<>

man im bored..!! we had a science test.. soo easiii..!!!
i have nothing to say NOW.... well imma leave you now..
until nxt time..! ill catch up later.. caio

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