Sunday, April 09, 2006


i jst copied this enrty from my msn space. i cant be bothered.!:

currently listening to: Evrything sux when your gone by MXPX.
currently: cold and bored.

hmm well its was LEYLA's birtthday on april 1st..!!

hapii birthdai leyla!! woOt woOt..!!
oh well.. yey holidais are cOmin..!! i can sleep.. yepii..!! *mel dances*
well hmm.. yess. this week was all right.!! ^_^

holidays are cOmin..!
oh well.. i pass my science test and failed my maths..!!! *sigh*

dam its coOld.. my fingers are like freezin..!! FREE is on.. but im not watchin it..!! dammit..!
i want to drink ginger beer..!! lol..

i hav a bruise in my leg bcoz of my stupid bike..!! >.< dam bike..!!!
delasale hav camp.. how luckii..!! arghh i wnat to go to camp.. T_T..
can i come nOel..?? lol ahah..! man im soo bOred..

melanie love`s you.

i watched 'big mommas house' last night..!! dats one funni shit. l0l.. ehhe
lol.. i know i ahve wathced it before but its nice to watch it again..! lol

i saw SUSIE..!! omg i miss susie so much!! omg dat little girl.. arghh// she's soo cute..
i love you susie//!!! <3

oh we went skate park on fridai again..!! oliver is awesome..!! ehhe . lol coOl.. his an awesome rollerblader..!!

and this old dude was skating with a tie and suit on.! he was pretty goOd..! lol
and mark carried me..!! arghh and i fell on the ground.!! ^_^.
its all marks fault.. ahha nah.. i roled of his back..!! lol ^_^ rofl..

we hav no schOol on fridaii..!! yey..

bless me.*
arghh dam this cOld..
some one hugg me im cOld

mand im jst like blaberring boring stuff so imma go nOw..!! *sigh* so bored..~


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