Wednesday, April 19, 2006


currently listing to: Juneau, by Funeral for a Friend &
currently: eating twisties chips.!! ^_^

hOlidais hav official started.!!
hOlidais are great.! but boring. jst satying at hOme and bumming in the net.!! *sigh* how boring.!
i wanna go somewer!! =)

wel the few days of shcoOl. was great.! lol mostlii bludge the whole week.!!

i s2 Olii

wat a bludger didnt come to schOol. ! lol wah a smart ONE..!! >_<

`i called nOel on wednesdaii.! at science.! lol i got bored so yea and tim called him first.! lol
nearlii got introuble though.! but he didnt actualii caught me.! *phew*

eheh our last daii was on thursdaii..! ^_^
and we had a fire alarm in thursdaii.. man we had to walk all the way to that stOopid park..!! T_T argh and i was sOO tired..!! =S

on thursdai was ninkingpoOp`s first and last daii..!! ^_^
ninkingpoOp got dizzii bcoz of u guys chucking him around..! u slack people.
espicialii DYLAN..!! >_<

but yea its was fun.. VISUAL ARTS was fun tough.!! we played UNo..!
tarek and nathan are such cheaters.!! argh.. no wonder deii WON..!!! T_T
but yea lol and it went to a confusing game.! lol and everione jst quit.! lol .
and we played spin the bottle..!!
nathan was dared to put hit his hand with the table and his hand in the floOr.!
u knoOw how much dat hurt.!! arghh u weird people..! and john went and did it toO.. =S
weird people this days..!! *mel rolled eye`s* im nOT weird..!!

"tarek i need laundrii powder.!!" lmao.!

this chips are yumii..!! ^_^

well after that it was lunch.. lol we played retarted tennis.! l0l.. i no weird aye.. lol but it was funn.! lol and den it got boring so we played handball.! whihc was boring toO.. so we played dodge ball with a tennis ball.!! =) lol
arghh.. im soo cOol im the onlii one der..!! eheh and mark couldnt even get me..!! =P *pull tounge out.!*

i mis`S my sOn MIN..!!!

*DEN it started raining..! argh. i thought i was gonna get sick..!! but i didnt. TOM was right.! lol
oh well. after lunch we went tom`s place.! lol man my legs wer killing me.!!
and we walked in the RAIN..!!! =( my hair..!!
thomas has a bird.!! its soo cute..!! (even though i dont like birds) but it was cute.! eheh.

lol. but then i had to go and pick my brother up..!! and i was late.! dammit..!
its all mark`s fault..! he wOnt give ninkingpOop back..!!! =*(
but yea he walked me to the station.! which was coOl.!
so no worriesS. ^_^

DAT was my last daii.! prettii hecktic aye.!
lol timii got his blades.!! ehehe.
i wanan see dem.! lol

aniOne gOin Easter ShOw..??!!?
i dOn`t no if im goin.! ^_^.

I start on MAY 2... aniOne knOw`s wat so special about may 2..???
yes.!! ITS MY BIRTHDAIII..!! yey..* mel does her hapii dance*
lol im soO weird. im soOrii.!

i wanna see that scissor`s you got for me AMY.! lmao.. ^_^
dOn`t worii i wOnt tell..!! *my lipps are sealed*

i saw KINGKONG on FRIDAii and i saw SAW2 on saturdaii..
man dat movie.. is soO bloOdii..=S!!
man but its coOl.!! bwhaha BLOOOD.!!! lmao.

on saundai we went kellyville to my cousin`s place.!
its been a while i`ve been there..! oh well alwais the same. soO. =}
i have a long blOg.!! >_<>!
i have to finish my photographii assignment for me to gO MSN..!! accOrding to my sister.! *sigh*
i have put a whole lot of randOm crap.!

jul`s my cismiss buddie.!! =))

im off nOw and gonna finish my assignment.!


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