Saturday, May 27, 2006


listening to : Demon Hunter- Not ready to Die
watching: a filo mOvie.
just finished my IST assignments.! ^-^

wow. its been a while, me blogging here.
well i guess der will be a lot to say. but hopefully im bothered.! which i am.
Fridaii i had a visual arts excursion, we went to museum to go to this museum. yep museum. T_T it wasnt' that bad. o.O
me,melina,leyla,sharmila,and zena were counting how many hot guys they are. but we only FOUND 4. how sad is dat.. T_T. lol but 4 cute guy.and andrew went lOokin at guys chest.. >.<
lol i got a hungry jack`s toy. woOt wOot. =) and we mad bags.(screen painting) and we tooK picture`s. which i jst remembered i need to uplOad them to my comp.
argh. *my maths test. omg im gonna fail i again. i dnt no wats happening.! =( argh i hate this. i so hate this.! *fudge* err i hate myself. =*(
and im having a photography test on monday and oliver u luckii duck. his gonna miss it.!! =(
lmao. yea the xcursiOn was fun. expecialii in the train. WOW and how bout that scraii man hu sat nxt to that randOm chick. omg dat was scarii. T_T
oh i nearlii forgOt i need to blog this.:
I BEAT OLIVER IN BOWLING.!! bwahahaha. and my slave for a week.!
yey. oh crap nxt week bowling. ahh and his soo gonna beat me this time..! T_T.
bwhaha.. i still wOn. ^-^

oh birthdaii wishes:
jun-06-06= HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISHKA. (d-evil)
bwahha.. the 6-6-6
wow mishka is evil..!! ^-^
yey i saw the bethlehem chick`s again.. ehhe and der wearing der blazer`s this time.. der lOok so dorkii.. which is coOl.! wer all doOrkii.. yey. *dance*
mishii jumped on me.. and i saw her braces.. bwhahah. smile mishii* hehehhe.
oh gosh. i got this photography assignment due nxt nxt week. and i havent started. err.. i need a camera.! (for my assignment, not for me ^_^)
omg. this filo movie is soo loviidovii.
well i guess this is the end of me blogging.! so until nxt time.! *i take my hat of for you.* xox


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