Monday, June 12, 2006


listening to: Lee harding/call the nurse.
doing my pdh assignment. =S

well its been a while, seens my last blog. might as well lighten up my blog site. *site*
so boring.! wel im gonna change it wen i have time.!
ehhe im litenin to lee harding. eheh ^-^
06.06.06 MISHKA`s birthdaii.!
08.06.06 JOHN`s brithdaii.!
12.06.06 CHAU`s birthdais.!!
14.06.06 DAD`s birthdaii.!!
wOot wOOt


cant wait for the hoOlidais.!! =) sigh. well hopefulii i can go OUT.! if i cant that jst suck.!!
well on friday we went westfields after schoOl.! we toOk the lift to go to level 5.!
it was me,michael lambe,michael tang,andrew,mel,yayan& alvin.
welll we wer goin up.! and den SOMEONE suddenly open the dam doOrs.!
*ahem* yess michael.!! YOU.!
and the dam lift stopped in the middle.!! argh it was soo freakii.! bladii hell panik attack.! lol but it was quite funni at the same time.!! lmao.!!
ehhe and a randOm girl was inside the lift to and she paniked!! eheh lol stOopid michael.!!

oh well and we ate. *sigh* FOOD.!! =)

CHAU is birthdaii. lol and so is the QUEEN.!! lol long live the queen.!!

i feel like eating mc flurry.!! =S
i want mcflurry NOW!!!
oh well imma get one on firday, after shcoOl.!!

yey no schOOl todaii. woOt woOt.! but schOOl tomorow, =S oh well fun.!! & holidais SOON.!!

man this assignment is such a pain.!! *sigh*
aniwais im gonna jet`s and finish my assignment and cleen the house, WE HAVE PEOPLE COMMIN OVER!!! argh. wat a pain.!

_*melanie `bOo

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