Monday, June 19, 2006


wow today my freaking TRAIN got cancelled.!!
argh so freakin annoying.!! damn trains.
and my bloody sister SAW her ROMEO.!! *sigh* wat a freakin pain in the arse.!!
and she blames me for not LOOKING at his romeo.
i was LOOKING at the stoOpid stairs.!! the stairs is important dan dat stOopid ROMEO.!! *sigh*

currently at schOol: period 1, photography subject..! bleh.
well im gonna leave and leave this unfinished, and i shall be back and finish this about my WONDERFULL day, and that stOopid TRAIN.. *sigh*
wel my teacher is chucking a biggest fit. WOW better step back, and leave before she tell's me off.!! >_<


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