Friday, June 23, 2006


well well well.!
i have blogged about the incidence that had happen on monday.! *sigh*
wat a dam pain.!
and today was so FOGGY.!! i couldnt see i thing. and my NOSE was frOzen, frOzen i say/!!

anihOo`s im back. and i wOnt be on using my compter for a week.!! dam week!!! =S
my dad tOke my tower away, no i didnt get in trouble. but i needed it to get updated.!! yey.!! =)
last week was boring.! nothing happen.! and its HOLIDAYS.!! wOot woOt.!!
yey i cant sleep and go out hopefulli, if my mum let`s me.!! =D i have to be a goOd girl.!!

i changed my layout.! and with my layout, i modified it! and its awesOme. well i think its awesOMe. bcoz i made it.!
i havent put it up yet. but SOON its gonna be up der and to SHOW everyone my beautiful artwork.!! bcoz im the coOlest of them ALL

oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY lucinda.!! tnx for the PIZZA !! woOt woOt. eheh.
it was on friday.!
well lemmi tell you about it. MARK and TOM ate and PIZZA that leyla put in. the pizza contained with... sultanas, variety of drinks such as coke, water and soda.! and WITh mandarin skins on TOp.!! and it was discusting.!! and by LOOKING at the dam thing.!! me and leyla felt like vomiting.!! dam them!! mark lOOKED like he was gonna throw up.!! errr.!! =S
yes me,leyla and cherii had to get the heck out of there.!! *phew* gosh it was discusting.!!

oh and i saw my ASHFIELD girl/boy friends.!! eheh der so DORKii. i no i have sed dat b4. but its just dey LOOK dorkiii with the blazer.!!!
bwhahahaha. i dnt hav to wear a blazer! but i miss wearing a blazer.!! those big shoulder pads.!! bwhahahah.!! you guys lOOKs like JOCKS.!!
evil me!!!

well currently in science. and its boring.!! OLIVER is currently sitting nxt to me.!! and the teacher got his PSp. bwhahaha.!!
and now he has to do bOok work.!! ehhe and while im here int he computer doin S h i t!
and now i am so BORED>!! *sigh*
i want foOd and more foOd and MONEY.!! i need money!
goin movies on WEDNESAY and on friday.!! so i need money.!!! i wanna be RICH i want a million $$$$
well i better jet`s and do my powerpoint science work.!!
and FOR once OLIVER is doing his WORK.!!! =D yey. * mels cheers*

oh and sean NICE HAT.!! =) and it suits my sister the BEST she LOOK`s HOT..
dnt u think sean. *wink wink*
its weird becoz im TALK to myself.!! *sigh*oh well talkin to yourself is COOl.!!


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