Friday, June 30, 2006


well todaii. is boring.
im SICk. ! and i need a HUG.!
holidais has officialii started! didnt go to schoOl on thursdai and FRIDAY.!
hav to stay home and recover from flu!! =S

OH the reason why im here is bcoz:
SUPERNATURAL`s ending was CRAP!!
geez.! wat kind of ending is dat!! hopefulii der's gonna be a season TWO!!
DEAN and SAM!! sigh im gonna miss seeing der faces every monday!!
oh well yes dat's it.!
im BORED. like hell no one's on MSN!! bOring people.!!
everyone's OUT. andsome are at schOOl.!! dammit.! oh well. gonna jet`z.!!

have a GREAT HOLIDAY guy`s.!!!
hope to see you around in the hols.!!
might go ince skating on wednesday and go movies and watch pirates of the carribean, wen is comes out.!!
well i got my COMP, back!! woOt wOOt.!!
well ill catch you all later.!!
PS: oliver look i no how to spell caio NOW!!!! woOt wOot!
_melanie `bOo

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