Tuesday, July 04, 2006

thursday! LAST DAY of meryem!!

man it was last day of meryem and i didnt COME to schoOl.!!
i was SICK. i hate being SICK!!
i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it

it SUCK!! man!!
a few words for meryem: (even though she wont even see dis. =(..)

Well hi meryem melanie here!! eheh well um..
melanie is the cOOlest and u no dat!! and dat wishing you all the best in the future!
man ur so goOd at maths!! keep it up!! =)
your an awesome friend. with all the stories i have heard, dnt worri der not bad der all goOd!!
and ur COOL!! like me.! *thumbs up*
osh its cOold! but yea i know im not close with you dat much but your awesome. and great!!
and everyone LOVES you!! especially me!!
i wish you all the best! and goODluck!!
GODBLESS and take care!!
BYE! hope to see you again in the future.!

well michael i stole some picture from ur photobucket!! =)
and dnt worri. i dedicate this to meryem! all the memories!
and sorri for not being der!! i no i hate myself for not COMING!!!!

**some pictures to remember you!! (Click the picture for a bigger image version)

the photo's are a bit everywere.! but i cant be bothered arrangin dem! sorri!! well have FUN!
well those are the photo's!!
hope u like dem.!
Thank's to micheal and his camera! and sorry for not being dere!!
sorri oliver!! =)

have fun. meryem!! love you heaps!! *hug*!!
take care and god bless!!

MICHEAL bring ur camera again!!! bwahhaha i wana be in it!! man those photo's are gonna be so coOOl if i was der!!
but nxt time.! i shall not miss it!! i swear if im sick. im gonna cut my self *yes slit wrist*

oh gosh i got PUNK'd on friday again!! got punk'd by my sister!! but u no i was goin witht he plan u know.!!*rolls eyes*
!!! ^_^

bye for NOw.!

_melanie` bOo

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