Thursday, July 06, 2006


well yesterday we went ICE SKATING in blacktown!
wow.. yea i no me in BLACKTOWN.!! its so not me.!! but anyway it was FUN.!!
ehhe well lemmi name the people who came: me, michael,michael tang,alvin,preetika,mel,mark,andrew,hannah,oliver,chris(oliver's friend)chris,daryl,charlie,steph(but didnt skate),tanju,shamayl and yea!! well i think dat's it.!!
but yea.! it was FUN.!!
bwhahaha. people all falling. i didnt fell until mark got my legs and dragged me in the ice and i dragged mel with me toO.!!
bwhahaha! im so evil.!! i NO.
and ye it was FUn.!ehhe. OLIVEr was the last one who stacked it.! but oh well he stacked it.!! HE STILL STACKED IT.!!
den we all left the ice rink at around 2. some people went to lazer and some went maccas.
oliver and his friend left early!!
sigh.! and den me and michael had a mother and son talk!!!
*wink wink*
lol!! it was so dam COLD. my fingers wer freezing. and my nose was liking.!!
me and tanju wanted dat little kid's glove's but dammit we didnt end up gettin it.!! =S
bwhahaha! so evil of us. and me and michael saw dis kid. he kept on falling. gosh so FUNNY.!
man i should hav recorded it.!!
it was fudgin funny.!

oh and MICHAEL thnx for all the advices.!!
your awesome.!!
yesterday night.! so depressing. it SUCK!
*//im discarding thought&memories of youm BUt our friendship still remains& it better.
i hated myself; one mistake; i became to attached to you and now it hurts. i thought things would be different being with you, yea it was different, BUT not the way i define different for me.
i Swear i wasent cryiNg!!\\*

but im still happ wer friends>!! =)!!
so depressing.!! sigh.!
den michael called me and made me feel better.!! HUG.!!
YEY. *i feel like going hypO!*
yey marshmallow`s!! wOot woOt.!! YUMMii..!! =D
and today. woke up and made those words.^^
and cleaned the place.!! vacuumeD!! man im so GOOOD.
and did my maths homework!!

BUT YESS> one more week of holiday`s.!! sigh. i want SCHOOL.!
i want to go hypO.!! like always.!! i miss
shameela! my crazy buddie! ^_^
WELL life goes ON. and being unattached it BETTER, for NOw.!=D

bye for NOW?!!

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