Wednesday, January 18, 2006

`melbourne cousins.

my lovelii cousins are
im soo xcited..!!

well dey came on 13.01.06.. der just staying for 4 days....!!eheh man.. its was soo coOl..!!

DAY ONE . dey just rest and we all just talk.. and its was hectik day..!! ehhe lol the unti is soo smal..!! soo we just sat down and talk about things..!!
soo yea.. and yess.. and played UNO man dat game iss soo coOol.. i love it..!! ehhe

DAY TWO. we went burwood to show dem around..! and for dem too buy something..!
soo we went city beach and ders like this belt i like..!!! its coOl.. its like black & white chekered..! and yea.. eheh lol and this bracelet i wanan get in has the word ELEMENT on it.. and its realli coOOl..!!!
and den we went GM and ders like this black skirt i wanna get its like jagged kinda style.. and this top..!! its soo HOT..!! i l o v e it..!!! and we went more shops and shop..!! eheh and i saw cediii..!! lol
Den we got back and went ashfiield mall..!! and shop der.. but it was like closing soo we had to go HOME..! eehhe lol..soo we got home and den my borther suggested to go LUNA PARK... and we went..!! lol how coOl. is dat.. but yea.everione seems tired but went we got der is was all cooOl.. man we went on everi ride again.. lol.. and er wer new ones tooO.. but i didnt went on speed.. ehehe well brb..!! gonna eat..

Well im back... eheh..!! well wer was i ..?? ohh yess.. hmm ye we got back from luna park about 1 in the morning..!! man we are like dead tired..!!! and its was soo cold..!! ehehe and yea.. we went in the TANGO train like 2 times..!! eheh der realli like the tango train..!!!! and yea den we got home and eat foOd.. yummi..!! lol..

how coOl.. aye..!! ehheh.. lol but i dnt think im goin... =[
im soo sad..!! but yea.. go yellow card..!!
DAY THREE. Goin to kellyville to have lunch with fammily/ man its gonna be cooOl.!! eheh man its a long drive and soo sleepii..!! but its still coOol.. ehhe wen we got der we just played games and eat..1! yuum.. and told stories about or life..!! =] and yea.! we missed SMALLVILLE!!! boOhooo... anyways its on in like 5 minutes..!!! arghh.. eheh.. =D
DAY FOUR.There last day but dey woke up late.. soo dey got to stay for another night..!! yey... woohOo.. lol.. anihoOs.. adn yes we played games and i played the guitar for dem.. ! and i got the SMASH HITS mag..!! yey LEE poster..!!
DAY FIVE.There last day..and dey left around 7 in the morning.. man its soo sad .. i miss dem allreadi..!! =[ im gonna cry..!!! but yea.. goOd luck this year my cuz are awesome..!! i love dem soo much..!! hugs and kisses for you all...!!
well dats my great five days..!! isnt dat mad..!! ahaha.. well its awesome..and i cat wait to see dem again..!!

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