Wednesday, January 11, 2006


well we went skool shoppin on monday..!! ehhe lol.. i no its earlii... but yea you KNow me.. i like being organise..! ehhe..well.. yea me and my dad and my bro went teks.. and der was guy hu works in teks and he was like cute..!!
it was coOl..!! hehe now i want to go teks all the time..!! ehehe.. lol and
i went pass teks todai..!! =D
lol.. well and on tuesdai.. we went parra westfield and got our school uniform..!!
eheh..! man its coOl.. its ayt.. and i got a tie now.. yey
and the pe uniform is like cool.. it got the filo flag colours in to..1!eheheh lol
well yea..!! OMG todai i went on msn like realli late and hB was on!!
man my heart hurts..!lol.. and yess. OMG. im sooO wrong..!! =[
well yea wer suppose to go city tomorow but wer not ani more
because its raining..!!! =[.. man how gay..
well i can sleep..!! yey...
ohh and the boOk gave me is doing welL.. eheh ^_^

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