Sunday, July 16, 2006

sigh. tuesday and friday outing.!!

well this is the second time im blogging about the day we went out on tuesday!!
its because i accidentally deleted it.!!
im so dam stoOpid.!! sigh.. =S
how the heck..
And im jst gonna make it short.!! coz alvin is waiting for me in silkroad.^_^

Well. on tuesday we went parra, to go bowling. we went first to max brenner to eat.!!
YUm chocolate.!! yeppii..
it was soo dam sweet!!! =_=
gosh but yea it was yum..!! and den we went to go to the bowling place.
so we went to the parking place. eheh
we went on shops too..
and i got a new strippy shirts.!! YAY!! xD
der awesome and i love dem.!! wOot wOOt.!
wen we got to the bowling place, we got our shoes and started bowling.. ehhe
i was COMING first.!! i was beating aki tara.!!
eheh gosh u should hav seen my brother bowl.!! xD we had the bumpers up which sucked but yea.!! my brother was soo hilarious.!! he cant bowl.!! =D
but yea. at the end we played the last two without the bumpers.!! and lmao my brother. always in the gutter.!! RAWR!!
but den he wanted the bumpers agains. so yea.
my final score was 99.. one point and i got 100..
my cuz came first by having 109 and my brother got 76 and my sis got 64.. rofl.. she came las.t!!
but yea it was getting dark adn my cuz wouldn't let us go home by train so she dropped us in ashfield.. and trusting my sisters directions.!! >_<
how scaryy.!!

Anyways FRiday.!!
the plan was me ,alex,leyla and georgette are goin movies in parra.!!
but it ddint quite happen. bcoz alex sed we wer going burwood..!! shees.!! >_<
but yea.!! so it didnt quite go out. me and leyla went parra and alex and goergette went burwood.!! dats SUX.!! but yea nxt time.. i promise.!! =D
well me and leyla went parra. bum for abit for pass the time bcoz the movie was in an hour!! so we bummed. and bummed met people while wer walking..
we talked and talked. until we had to get food for the movies.!!
gosh we bought lollies.. >.<
shamayl came and watched with us.
we watched Pirates of the Caribbean.. Deads man Chest..
man it went for 3 dam hours.!!shees.!! =S
but yea. it was all right. and i think ders continuation.!! =D
and we saw people.. lmao leyla.. "ey its bees sis" lmao.!! run leyla.!!
sorry to spoil it to the people hu havent seen it.!! >.<
and after the movie we left sick all lollis and we havent had lunch.. so errr
and yea we toke some pictures. but den i had to go home bcoz my sister wants me home..!
sounds weird i know.!! =S

and yes dat's my holiday!! pretty boring.!! >_< =)
and school is gonna start soon.!! shees. YEY.. wait noOOO.. no no no no schoOl.!!
until nxt time.

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