Saturday, July 22, 2006

first week.

schOol has started and it GREAT..
its been those days being hypO and just going crazy..!!
shees.! well we started on tuesday.. and everyone say my new hair cut.! w0ot. and ders a lot of hugs and "how wer ur holidays?" question..
arghh and we hav sports its shuxks.. but yea. its was fun we finnaly played volleyball.. and oliver tried to get me in the head.!! stOopid KID!!
but yes, im jst too good and to quick for him.!! xD
ahah der cooking meat balls on tv.. YUM
AND aniways school is great it fun and crazy which is cool.. =D
but hating waking up so dam early. shees i was late to school on tuesday and wednesday.
stupid trains.. =S
but on thursday i came early.. i think.! oh yess i DID. i came early for maths. >_<
mhin and andrew stole my husband, well my paper husband.!!
and wen i got back. freaking his all ripped and jagged.
he had to go to a surgery jst to attach his abbs back.!!
dam kids.. but his alive again. and its great to hav him back.. im not alone in bed no more.. ^_^ so freaking weird. but yess its was awesome. more details ask me and ill whisper it to you.. xD
I LOVE MY PAPER HUSBAND.!! and i dnt no his name.. ?? =S
anyways. "someone" flashed der ass at my dam face.!! and i michael's too.. but he ddint see the flesh.. *shivers* all i saw was flesh.!! err. and im not naming no NAME`s, *cough*
its been so dam bloOdi cold this week. shees. and all u can see is all shaking, like michael..!! >_<>

YES FRIDAY has come.
dam teacher didnt make me play sport. so we had to write something about basketballl ehhe i no the rules .. "dribble" dribbling is FUN..
and i learnt the 3 sec and 5 sec and 8 sec rule. dnt ask me wat dey are coz i forgot.!! =_=
anyways YEY..but not so yey, bcoz it rained.. err.!!and i didnt hav an umbrella. and my hair..its all ruined and th wax was all gone and my hair went all slimy and slipery bcoz of the wax.. >_<
dam rain.. well we finish early didnt hav assembly bcoz it was raining. *cheers*
so everyone went westfield. me and alvin went to buy lunch.. and he cant make his dam mind up. we went subway but he sed he didnt want subway.!! =_= so yea went around looking for food. den shamayl caught up with us.. =S
im not complaining. =D lmao.
but yes we end um getting potato wedges and pizza well i got pizza. and alvin got um... wat did he get..?? oh ye dats right SUSHII.. and it was getting boring so we went to the station and b4 we felt westfields i got PRAWN CRACKERS!! yum prawn crackers.!!

so we went station and shamayl stayed and bum i dnt no with who but he bummed.!! xD
alvin needed to go to the toilet so we decided to take the syd terminal train, the train dat stink and has yellow no wait orange(according to alvin) windows.
wen the train came we jst looked at it and sed "lets take the berowra train!" and dats wen i needed to pee too... =S
hehe so we toke the nxt train. and gosh we wer so sleepii.. and we wer suppose to get off at strathfield but we wer tired and couldn't be stuffed to get up so we stayed and decide to get off in REDFERN!! yes i no redfern.. shees*another shivers.*
ehe.. freaking mandarin, cant be peeled properly, and it was all juicy and the juice was all coming OUt.!! >_<>
dnt u think alvin.. =D
we wer so sleepy dat alvin sed he's gonna bring a pillow on monday.. =S.. we so wanted to sleep but i was scared we might miss redfern, redfern came and didnt get off. same reason i've been giving. we wer LAZY!! =_=
so we promised to get down central.. lmao CENTRAl.. yes the whole trip we looked at the staions passing by. and talkin talking about things dat are so random.
shees im hungry and tired from typing.. i need some one to type for me.. =_= alvin made me lazy.. AND ALVIN killed milkyway.. well not really but the evil pony DID.. die evil pony..

we wer coming back. we toke the richmond train. didnt get off at ashfield coz alvin will be nigel so we got off at strathfield.on our way to startii. we looked at the map and talking and i started guessing peoples names for a REASON. and we started to talk about someone's ass .. lmao. so dam funny. and started to find suburbs in the map.. the map was so interesting =)
you gus should try it, get the six seater chair and jst look at the map.. so many suburbs.. it was great .. well try not to talk to ur self wen ur in the train by urself. its jst gonna look weird.. trust me.. >_<>
here comes stratii got down and waited for my train and went to see wat time alvin's train was coming.. eehh wen we toke the lift. my train was jst on time. =D im so special.!!
yeap SO SPECIAL..!! xD.
well that my week. and mostly the day on friday..!!
train trips are funn and cool..
my hands are COLD. =S well this is a long blog..!! GOSH.. its the whole week anyway.
i got a dentist appointment nxt sat.!! >_<
ill leave you reading it and loving it. coz my fingers hurts..!!


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