Sunday, July 30, 2006


wow this week has been awesome.!

monday,tuesday,wednesday,and thursday are the usuall: shcoOl work,friends,going crazy and mucking around and touching people.!! >_<>

but on friday was different bcoz i gotta skip all 3 classes and help tour the american's on their visit to our schOOl.. tnx to leyla.!! WOOT.!! xD
hehe. it was an awesome day.
we gotta meet new people. and show dem around the schOOl..

and i lost my buddies.. >_<>
but den i found dem. *phew*
thank gosh.
but yea. it was great.
we wer suppose to bring out buddies to our perios 3 but we didnt. cause we wernt bothered.!
we went to our school gym and talked and mucked around.!!
the guys went and played soccer.
MAN der accent are awesome.!!
"BANARNA" lmao leyla. was so funny.

OH and we saw a oliver look alike. it was freaky. i toke a photo of HIM.!! xD he might think im some kind of a freak.!! lol.. i didnt eat him. i was so wanting to.
yes oliver i wanna eat YOU.!! RAWR
ehhe and on thursday i bit oliver's hand.!! ^_^ it wasent my fault.. *rolls eyes*

and after dat. we did somethings. we did podcasting. My computer didnt WORK.!!
shees. technology these day's! =_=
but anyhoos. it was an hectik day.. exchangin of emails and myspace url.!!
eheh.. gosh leyla's first question: "do you have myspace..?"
lmao. leyla u crack me up.. rofl.

anyways. after lunch we went across the road to play cricket and AFl.
it was a shame i couldnt stay until 3. i had to go ashfield.. *sigh*
but yea. we played cricket. man der better dan us. WOW.
and dey had FUN.. =D awesomeness cricket.
and after dat. me and leyla had to go... so yea we said bye and toke pictures.!!
i will be uploading pictures. LATER.
it wasent dat many pictures but yea.! and yea more pictures. ad said bye to everyone.!! =x
it was such an awesome DAY.
and sydney was der last stop on there trip..
dey went Fiji,NZ,and australia.. HOW AWESOME is dat..!! =8

i had a great time. hope to be seing you guys around soon.!!
well take cares.. and hava safe trip back home. xD

and yea. dat's wat happen on friday!!
gosh i had an dentist appointment yesterday.!! RAWR
and dey fixed up my chipped tooth.. WOOt!! xD
AND AND AND yea.. OH birthday dedications.!! =D
wednesday- july 26: TIM`s 15th
friday- july 28: MELINA`s 15th
sunday- july 30: ALVIN`s 15th


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