Monday, September 11, 2006


ME and jab made a story.. eehhe our own crazy story.!! LMAO.
it was soo random. the story was made while we wer on MSN..

i am at home and im SICK.
sooo. dat i stayed home.!!
and its raining outside how crapyy is dat.!! =S
but then later sun would come out. and den rain.!! sigh... gosh how freaking gay!!
BUT yess.. im at home and MSN love isnt working and i need help.!!
stupid thing.. i hate it!!
my weekend are all right.. jst rest and sleep and so nothing.
sounds fun yea i knoe.!!
and myspace isnt WORKING
wahh the heck is happening to meee...
and im still in my pj`s..
SISTER 17th birthday.!!
(unfortunatle i was sick and i wasn't not feeling to party)

friday bummed with leyla.. hehe went every wer to buy a rose.. for my sister and a box.
hehehe.. didnt see bum the rest of the day.
finaly my last week of crapyness is gone.!! YAY
new week. and hopefully it wont be CRAP.. and i will make sure of it.!!



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