Saturday, September 16, 2006


omg omg omg.
THURSDAY and FRIDAY is super awesome day!! got to wake up every day for thursday and friday at 4:30. gosh soo tired after shcoOol... >_<
and slept like so many times on the car on the way to schoOl. man i feel like a student in kellyville highschoool.. its awesome.
ITS my GIFTED AND TALENTED art workshp.!! YEAP in Kellyville!! awesome two DAys!!! xD well it was a shock wen i heard leyla couldnt come bcoz she didnt have a ride man it made me soo dam sad!!and i ahted myself for not helpin her get there.!! BUT BUT.. tnx for VINA, the awesome vina.! she was able to give her a ride!! YAY,, i was soo happy to seee her name on the list at kellyville!!
MAN KELLYVILLE high schOol is super!!
ITS AWESOME!! i loved it der.!! =D i wanna go back and sleep der. be one of there hobo's der!! dey got a CENTRAL PARK THERE!! LIKE dude.. dats awesome and der schOol is soo clean. and the students are awesome.. awesome. guys!! xD MAN soo much aussies. soo awesome!!! WELL the art workshop is great it was soo much funn.. the whole two days was all about arts.. its AWESOME.. man soo many memories!!
LMAO like how leyla named each one of thems!!! bwhahaha!! its awesome. i will not name them. bcoz i cbb!! i am not lazyyy.. =_= awesome der canteen is cool. everything is cool.. lOl ahhaha and and and THE SCHOOL is cool
and i thought i saw ERIC from blue water high. dat would be soo awesome!! xD MAN.. so many blonde people soo CUTE/hottt... =D and and.. awesome fun.. LOL DUCkboy.. bwahhahah his soo MEAN!! >_<>

anyhoos!! dats my THURDAY AND FRIDAY!!
and my sister forgot to give me WORKSHOP sheet for week 11. and dammit. i wont be gettin the ones i like!! she's soo STUPID dammit.!! omg today-saturday! i was watching global assualt-stakeboarding . OMG awesome people. and skaters. and HOT ones too.!! gosh i wanna go der!! =D bwahhahaha but its old though.!! sigh ANYways. im currently INLOVE with RYAN SHECKLER. his super awesome/ super HOT/super CUTE. im in love with HIM!!

RAWR!! soo dam cute/sexyyy.../hot!! xD

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