Monday, September 25, 2006

last week,babyy

Well this blogg is mostly last week episode.
and yess it all boring. all schOOl work and nothing.
Well THURSDAY YEAR 12 2006 grdauated, and im soo happy for them. you guys wer awesome..
goo you guys.!! and and and.. i dnt knoee. things went wonkiii.. =S
i dnt know wat too feel at the momentt. but HU cares.
im hungry.
omg omg omg. i made another story to jab.
me burning jabs kitchen.. bwhahhahah!! xD
but didnt quite go to plan... =X
ANYWAY. holidays are soon coming. and i cant wait.
i cant sleep late and wake up late tooo babyy...
BUt anyway currently in IST suppose to finish unfinished work. but i cant be bothrd its our last lesson anyway.
and the teacher is actually playing a game damit.
WOOT. his cool..
OMG. i think it was tuesday i LOST MY TRAIN PASS.. dammit
i cant believe itt.
dammit.. i hated myself.. xD WENT all everywere ashfield everywer looking for it..
GOSH soo tired. BOUGHT new two tops..
and this time dey wer not stripes or dots.. ^_^
but yeaaa.. still good... its been pretty hot, the weather, always in shorts. and cant be bothrd doing anything. always freaking tired.. nothing to do anyway.
EY i havent bike ride in ages. and i miss it.!! xD
STEPH is currently doing here english work.. gosh.
IM BROKE. no money. bcoz of everyday buying ticket to parra.
GOSH.. and it will take me two dam weeks to get another one. SIGH
my sister lost here phone in granville.
STUPID girl!!
well this week all the things and agenda are in my dateline section..
at the right hand corner.
stupid=guys. xD

RAWR!! wat else.!!?? well IST is actually fun. bcoz wer bludgin... bwhahhaha.. NICE.. awesome.
OLIVER is actually out of his cast. but still cant skate for weeks. but his still good.
i wanna push him down.. bwhahahha xD
BUT yea. i got nothing to say atm. im all bored nowwww..!! =D
omg. and HOLIDAYS.WOOT.. bumming babyy.. xD and SLEEPING.. YAY

soo long. and fair well. xD

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