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HOLIDAYS, but wait my last week first.!
well this is again another one of those last week post.
yes.. last week.
and it was awesome.!! it was super fun.
FIRSTLY MONDAYY... well its normal school. things wer actually different but not a
big different. like nothing happend. but yea. a lot of talking and a lot of understanding
and opening up and listening too. which is cool.
sigh. but yea.. our last photography lesson.
LOL took photos and and mostly bludge.!! LMAO
TUESDAY... its our photography xcursion. and people had the workshop thingii...
we went to the city to this museum.
OMG different schoOls wer der too.
LMAO summera!! ^-^ yea yea. i know awesome cute guyyss.! xD
sigh leyla couldnt come bcoz of this debating thing.!!
but yeait was still good.
i still had fun. took photo's with sam.and the other girls.!!
MAN awesome artwork.. i love'd it!! ^_^
WELL one thing dat jst went wonkii was during dat morning.
i found out something. i didnt know wahh to feel or reaction, but i still stayed calm.!!
SIGH. but i dnt really care.
IM HAPPY to hear!! =)
and yea!! LMAO. saw thomas annd tim walking around in the station.LMAO
the teacher asked wahh dey wer doing.!! rofl *tsk tsk*
BUT YEA... xcursion it was funnn.. super funn.. it would be more funn if leyla was der.!
confessionsss.. ^_^ LMAO
WEDNESDAY.. OUR blue mountains excrusion babyy.
and it was super. man it was soo much fun and soo awesome.
SOO much funn. heheheh
SO MANY DAM PICTURES. and even video's..
LMAO leyla biggest luvo. michael funniest guy!!
mr leow told us to shut up bcoz we wer singing.!! grrr.
*the wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round.*
and and and.. funny jokes from melina..
AWESOME. but she stopped bcoz the teacher told her to stop, bcoz of her racists jokes.!! rofl
butt dey wer funnyyy.
and and.. the place was awesome.
LMAO naked statues outside!! funny and awesome people.
the teachers wer actually awesome. dey wer cool, i hav to say. xD
eheh. me and leyla jst to take awesome luvo pictures!! anywhere. everywhere.
THURSDAYY.. thursday is our APHS idol.
omg omg omg. we thought we wer not gonna do it. but MS forced us.!!
dammit. and we didnt even know waahhh to dooo.
GOSH and leyla hav to do something.. >_<
man soo hectik. everyone panicked. =X but but.. and and its the MOVIE MARATHON thingii.
dey watched MADAGASCAR. i missed it, bcoz we gotta practise. sigh.
BUT i gotta say the practise actually was good. we actually did something. and it was FUN.
and and i thought leyla wasnt gonna do it. dahh im the olny "guy" der.. dat im gonna get two girls
on the preformance.!! >_< LMAO. im not gayyy. =_=
but yea. the preformance was all good. ehhee. LMAO. it was soo much fun.
I/ WE had fuun. it was super awesome. ehhehe
WELL its mostly some peoples last day.
LMAO. michael and der group, der wer funny, but sometthing happend and dahh dey got introuble.
LMAO but over all its all good, babyyy.
FRIDAY. "i think im sick.." =S omg . i started sneezing on my way to school. which was crapp.
not much people came. but it was still good.!! xD
LMAO. sports was funn.. DARYL made me play. sigh..
but but and i nearly got a try but i dropped the ball.!! =_=
but but at the end i actually played. ehhehe. and it was fun.
MATHS was funn. combined with two other classes and played card.
tnag killed my hands, coz we playing snapp. gosh dat dude!!
BUT still good. i played back and hit his hand harder. bwahahha LMAO
and and and listend to alvin's ipod. him and his trance. >_<
and his AZN music. sigh i couldnt understand..!! =S
BUT still good.!!
---- BE RIGHT BACK, gotta EAT.----I AM BACK, babyyy----

lOl.. well yea.. and and science we combined with alvin, daryl's class.
played random games. cards, handball
daryl took my phone, stupid boy. >_<
but yea. i finnaly got it back anyway.
and after school we bummed around westfields.
well not really, mel and I went and bought boost.
and sat and waited for michael,pam, and darya. LMAO
but yea sar infront of myers and talked and took pictures.
well leyla took pics of herself. michael took pic of random things
wel tlaked about wahh wer gonna do on the holidays. ^_^
DEN leyla,darya and I went and catch our 2:33 train.
finnaly we got the early train. YAY.
LMAA. den me and leyla talked about things.
ANIMAL bite, "come here", bites. walking again.
LMAO its only leyla and I hu knows wahh this is.
rofl*inserts rolling dude smiley.*
den we say again the wog dude hu stalked me while i was on the train ages ago.
IT was scaryy. lOl didnt go online bcoz i forgot and i was tired. and i was watching this movie.
it was a cool movie. xD
SORRY LEYLA.. but yeaaa.
dats practeclly. my last week. i for sure forgot about somethings. but oh well.
and and im happy. RAWR!! wOot. and im over itt.
i wanna go shopping.!! sigh

well my holidays are well, jst started. and it started staying at home.
LMAO and bumming on the net; myspacing and msn.
and photoshopping.
WOW long weekend. WOW. yay shopping and going outt!! RAWR!! xD
Long blogg. sweet. =D
and and.
i will be changing my layout.and i will be photoshoppping more images/pictures.
GOS i gotta make my sister one, too. =X
well dats mostly it.
ill be bloggin more if i feel like bloggin and if anything intersting happens. LMAO
im soo lazyyy.
ALVIN's in NEWCASTLE. bwhahahahha

so long sweet blog.

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