Wednesday, October 11, 2006

BARNYARD, tuesday w/sister, bro, daryl& sean

awesome day yesterdayy-

we went parra to watch BARNYARD. xD
lmao. awesome moviee..

daryl ate all the loliees.
and we saw bart& homer simpson. der mascot look scaryyy ^_^
LMAO.. but but but. over all BARNYARD was funnn

lol.. we went shopping at wolworths.. hehhe and bought loliies.!!
yeapiii but daryl ate all of them.!! stupid dude.

and and and.. i got ROARDUNNER dvd...
yay.. wOot xD
and its an awesome dvd its sooo awesome.
i love itt.!! ^_^
and and we took pictures. LMAO!! awesome picture with my sister awesome skils!! yeah it looks like i am forced too type this but i wasnt forced too >_<

i would be uploading the images later. im on silkroad.!! at the moment.. xD

and yeah der more but ill upload them later.. RAWR!! xD


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