Wednesday, October 11, 2006

fun times at Kellyville, w/ aki tara

this was last week.
TUESDAY we went shopping at DFO. got awesome tops.. xD
and on WEDNESDAY we went Kellyville and visited relatives over der.. ^_^
took awesome pictures =) and we went PANCAKES ON THE ROCKS. man awesome pancake place.!! xD
THURSDAY, decided to sleep over at my cuz place at Kellyville. =D
Got there at night, we watched scary movie again LMAO. scary movie 3 that iss.. xD
"hey you know ur teacher, she's DEAD!!" lmao. the quote my cousin cant get over.sigh
but stilll good.
LMAO sslept at really late.. O.o
butt yeah still good. the nxt day we went CASTLE TOWERS, man awesome place mayte! SO MANY TOAST!! && it was super awesome.. =D
and the shopps are awesome. i heart iit <3
anyways and went back home and watched more movies, i think it wass. =_=
&& saturday was the day wer leaving we went go to buy ice cream, LMAO and we decided to make PANCAKE, but not the normal boring white pancakes but pancakes with marshmallow&& chocolate chips. bwhahahha indeed, awesome!! =D
LMAO the choc chips melt, LMAO and it went a bit wonkyy but the taste is still all good.!! it was awesome.!!
LMAO. and yeah my cousin droppd us off at
and this time we didnt get lost. ehhehe
sigh. we wer soo tired.! but yeah still good!
here are some pictures that we took. >_<
soo dam bored right nowww. sighhh


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