Tuesday, November 07, 2006

WOW WOW WOW. exams.. =S

OK well this past couple of days has been EXAMS everywhere!!
like fricken hell!! arghhh
and and well today got our results back, SOME OF IT though!!! =D
and my last friday was awesome!!
every friday is always awesome!! went westfields with leyla, the usual!! xD
and and and we had a race; she took the lift and i ran.
the race is the one who gets to the boost on level 5!! yes level five.
we started our race at the station side lift!! BWHAHHAHA/
LMAO and guess who WON! wink wink
YEAS!! i won babyy.
how fricken awesome =D woOt.!! its like super awesome!! bwhahahah
my heart stopped on the way. LMAO and i had to jump over this stupid pram on the way on the moving stairs!! LMAO i didnt see any baby soo might as well jump over it !!
yeah dats like JACK-ASS stunt brahh!! fully hectik, and leyla went trough a pot plant!!
LMAO she didnt see the pot plant.
and and its funny because everyone was looking, and thinking that i have stolen something and because i had a BIG smile on my dam face, people thought i was so happy that i stole something.
but i swear i didnt steal anything!! oh look dats something new. *points to this "new" watch i have* LMAO joking i dont wear watches!! ^-^
and yeah. Leyla and I bought boost and i bought a box of PIZZA for my brother!! and yes its a pain because i had to carry it all the way from parra to ashfield!!
arghh stupid thing, i aint no pizza delivery!! >_<

AND later on i did not bumm around ashfield and meet up with people because i had to go to this HALLOWEEN DISCO for my brother!! LMAO it was funn two of my old school friends wer der and yeah. annoyed the little brat der!!
and found out something, which is super cool! =D
well yeah MONDAY we had our STUPID english test, blady comprehension!! arghh and its multiple question!! stupid A B C or D!! arghh soo farking annoying!! shees and today we had the part B enlgish test which is creative wrting!! it sucks because we only had half an hour!!
like seriouslyy the heck!! >_<>
wah the ehck is dat stupid campaign crapp!! arghh why can dey jst ran into each other and diee!!
arghh and stupid drugs!! sigh sigh soo stressing!! =S
but yeah and today got our result for english part A and its crapp!! argh
i hate multiple questions!! =X and got our geo test results back i got 79 out of 100.. well its pretty good and i came first!! ^_^ goshh
annd our science got them back too got 20 out of 30!! LMAO came first again!! ^_^ LMAO still good!! =D
hopefulyl i get good marks for my creative writting!! hehehh
brah and today wnet bumming around Daryl, tanju, Aaron and I went dymocks and looked at books!! =D and tanju had to go dropped tanju of the station and I bought the others food. GOT them KFC! daryl took my HOT RODS!! stupid noob!! LMAO but yeah all good again!! and after that i smelt my train was comming so i ran to catch itt and i did!! xD

There's a bubble on my finger, people say its a wart and others say its nothing. I dont think its a wart and i dont think its nothing, I think its just as alien egg growwing but then i checkd it today and the bubble/egg is going!! =D which is even better!! and and JOHNNY boy is BACK!! awww poor him he had the chicken poks!! tsk tsk. but yeah his all good now!! BWHAHAHHA awesomeness
today was pretty rad because we all went crazy... =D
ANOTHER and final exam tomrow hopefully. AND that is MATHS. hopefully i dont panic and i will relax!!! and hopefulle i'll do good.
ohh NICE. something smells nice!! xD ehhehe awesome.

Changed my layout again!! =Dand its soo TRASHYY lmao.
but yeahh. Dont have time to modify my layout with mya wesome skills with photoshop.. =D but but i soon will.! HOPEFULLY

YESS u got it. CHRIS is goone!! wOot and DEAN is still der. xD woot baby!! yay
and dean is still der.!! wOot.
but i think his going nxt week.
oh well GO DAMIEN!! irish man.. ehhehehe

cough* ferret!!

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