Sunday, November 19, 2006

exams all over? dam rightt...

Yeahhhh. exams are finally over.
Waiting for the results, came thirds for maths, booyah!!
man this week has been creeppy& scaryy, like wth =X
EXAMS are all finish, wait i have said dat alreadyy...
and yeah this weeks is all about fights, wer is the love!!
grrr why cant everyone jst hug each other and eat meat piee, but nooo
dey bring water bombs and "weapons" o.O yeap weapons.!!
Dont worry im alive i survive!! poor shingles staying at home for 3 days, poor thing, he misses school and misses mee!! ^_^ dam righttt.

Yesterday, highschool musical and its a sing along one.!!
dats soo awesome!!! yeah brother and I went nuts over the lyrics.!!
And again one awesome FRIDAY with the awesome leyla!!
yeap. westfields again and BOOST!!! =D
and we saw and awesome TOAST!! and and i push leyla to dis toast, and she loved me for pushing her!! ehehheheh
"are u allright tom!?" thomas is all good!! and eveyone is all good.!!
ohh and friday night, sigh. =S
i missed VERONICA MARS!! grrr and zomg Smallville, its soo awesome.
He has all the stones!! arghhh so freaking awesome!! and and James from BUFFY, his gonna be der!! BOOYAH

My sister is going crazy with the "U-G-L-Y" song!! and shees scaring me!! =X
grrrr and and and i took all my poster of my beautiful wall.
i need new posters!! i need newposters.!!
ZOMG: ONE TREE HILL. like fricken hell, its soo blardii awesome!! =D
i finished SEASON 2 and now im on SEASON 3!! yeah brahhh..
fully awesome. i cant wait to finish season 3.

HARD.core _ _ _!! LMAO.. bwhahhahah. finish it for mee!! =D
anyway and yeah dats it i gues this week!!
MAN its term 4, last term for this year. and year 10 NEXT year!!
HOW awesome!! cant wait,soo xcited.
blah blah blah...

SChool tomorw!! =X
oh AUSSIE IDOL!! goo BOBBY&& dean!!
and go DAMIEN!! =D ehehehheh

toodles now.


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