Saturday, December 02, 2006

well well well
another week has gone!!
and currently counting down for the last week of school until school holidays!! xD
booyah currently 3 weeks or 2 weeks of school left!!
and yeah i dnt know wat to doo!!LMAO
assignments too many and homeworks
currently strugglin because of this poster comp for visual arts!!
GRR soo stressinG!!
but yeah.
cant wait to get it over and done with!!
ONE TREE HILL!! awesomeness
mayte itss soo addictive dude!!
goo NATHAN!! i love nathan, yes my carebear Monkey and nathan from one tree hill!!
yes got an early xmas pressie from hannah, awesome hannah!! =D
and yes gotta save money for xmas pressei for everyone, wel friend!! oofft
its soo awesome
well monday interview!!sighh.
well it wasnt dat bad though!!
stupid sport teacher, truencyy= my arsee!! iw as away on dat day mayte! oh well it was nothing anyway!! still good!!
reports all good!! need improving though! bOOYAhh
man maths teacher's gone on holidays, now we got a sub!!
yeah goo subs*cough*
Once again, still good! xD
man everyone's being in a relationship!! like seriouslly its soo.. i dnt know!!
tuesdayy, um i dnt know wah happen because i forgot.oh yes science!! boring as always
after dat Alvin,daryl,andrew,michael tang, mattman and I went westfield. bought daryl,mattman and myself a soft serve

cone from maccas!! and later Alvin bought the rest chips and drinks and nuggets!!
MAYTE dey ate like fricken animals!! sighh so embarrasing, azn shop owner was lOOking at us, so is this mother!!
goshh!! and tang and andrew chucking chips down my fricken shirt!!
andrew telling me to shut up, wen im not even talking!!
and here comes the ankle tap again!! booyah!! yer man imm becoming a pro at ankle tap!!bwhahah
den we took out usuall train, Alvin and I went ahead and stole the lift aircon, of btw it was a hot dam boiling dayy!!
wednesday.. i was awy, i got a blood test man the taking a blood test isnt dat bad !! its actually cool!! u got to see ur blood!!

xD i know sick but its awesomE!! =D rarara!! and went to this embsayy thingoo!!
thursday. STRIKE!! booyah.
bladii hell got woken up by DARYL at fricken 6 in the dam morning. because his saying dat i woke him up!!
ppfftt.. watever.
and yeah talk for an hour and begged him to make me go back to sleep!! which he did!! xD
and went and say people in parra bumming and a lot of people actually turned up for school!!
lIKe wow!! i forgot to bring uno which suxed!! but yeah played hockeyy!
shhs my team well suxed, because michael and daryl took all the good people!!
but yeah we had funn that's good!! =D
friday. well i am not talkin to "someone" ...sports was funn played Badminton, owned shamayl at itt!! bwhahhaha
and yeah maths was boring because something pissed me off at reccess!! which den i realised it was nothing!! science was

all good i think, my science teacher telling me im moving classes or somthing i dnt know wat his on about!! but yeah
=D. and bummed around, a bunche of people jigged which suxed!!
the usuall got boost with leyla!!
i got lemon crush!! LMAO shouted shamayl for a boost!!
and yeah. den we went home, well bummp into hannah,michael,and chau!!
at toyRus and hannah bought leyla and I early xmas presies!!
and yeah dats the monkey one!!
Then is was my brothers dancing fever thingo for his school!!
went Olympic park.. and hehe man the kis are soo cute dancing!! sooa adorable!!
ehhehe awesome kids!!
my brothers school won, by one point!! BOOYAH!! xD soo awesome.
a lot of screaming and shooting!! =D
ahha and it was really late wen we got home!! xD
my grandma was home wen we got home!!
watched OMEN!! scaryy crap moviee!! =X
but still good!! oh TOKYO DRIFT was all good!! man azn gangsters are awesome but they could have choosen better looking

ones though!! but still good!!
VIN DIESEL is awesome super hott bOOYahhh
hehhe. this is one long lblog again!! xD
and i should be off and continue to do my poster!! due on mondayy!!
grr and my maths homework!!

OH GO DAMIEN!! booyah


untill next time!!

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