Saturday, December 09, 2006

DECEMBUURRR!! ^^ so manny birthday's manns

currently listening to:
30 Seconds To Mars-To kill
& a mixture of trance!! ^^

ANOTHER week of school has gone!!
bOOyahh!! xD
LMAO well gots 1 week and 4 days left!!
omg and der like a lot of people celebrating der birthday this month!!
soo freakyy.
no place in my diary to decorate and write my homework!! ^^
LMAO oh well still good's

Anyhoows, mondayy hmm i dnt know wah happend, nothing really.
same boring stuff.
oh for once IST was funn, man i love that turtle it was soo cute!! xD
i named my turtle "bubbles"
and and photography: LMAO finnaly started editing our moviee!!
soo awesome
FACE DOWN song soo awesomeness.. soo cool!!
i love filming!!
omg my poster i wasnt finished yet, but promised my self to hand it the next dayy!!
sigh =.="
well i kida stuffd the poster a biit, but still good!! xD
ALL GOOD. tuesday, handed my poster inn!! =D
and yeah nothing happend, ahh stuffd this im not doing it thiis wayy!!
well i finnaly finished ONE TREE HILL season 1,2,3 & 4 but have to wait until the last episode of season 4 goes on air!!
omg, nathan and hailey!! soo cute
especially nathan!! sighh.. xD

This week havnt been sleeping, im lack of sleep which suxed, because ii always had a bad moment at shcool
and everyone's asking like somone died!!
bleh blehh
people starting to "study" again!! grrr
tangg's being agroo this week!! man wants to stabb the dude hu cutt mee!!=.="SHAKESPEARE iis awesome, startin to liike him!!
i learnt something neww yestreday while on the phone with daryl.. eheheh =S
soo gronkyy.. wait its week B. wow i jst realised!! awesome
IST rooms wer changed it better now!! way better!! xD
congrats to every year 10!! leyla and I went crazy wth the clapping!!
Apparantly daryl's baby is dead, dingo killed it or somthing!! wait i think its missing!!
and they blame me for the kidnapping!! tsk tsk.
bwhhahah xD

Yayan & Michael,
soo cute manss!! yer mann
rararar!! wooohooo
THE WEDDING!! booyahhh. the dress!! my son's (yayan's) getting married!!
bwahhahahhaha indeed soo cute.
everyones wearing pinkk!! and BLACK
this is gonna be awesome!! soo coOliess
HAVE FUN on sunday guys!!

We have a badminton kitt!! BOOYAH, soo awesome man.. =D
rarara. sigh.
THURSDAY um i dnt know again wah happend!! oh yeah dats the day i finsh ONE TREE HILL.
friday bummd with leyla BOOST!! yeap yeap the usually brahh.. ^^
this week has been pretty wild and hectik
YEAR & orientation was also on!! people cooked and went "studying" tsk tsk!!
LMAO and friday neighbour came over!! xD the little kid was soo cutteee!! ^^ his soo adorable, he came into my room and

quicklyy went for the guitarr!! and take notice this kid is only 2 years of age!!
soo adorablee and sister and I started taking picture's off him!! cuteness
WOW another long blogg from mee!! yeap yeap u all must be happy something to read about my liife!!
OH &YAYAN knows
FRUIT BASKET!! like wow dude, yeap yeap coz i found on of KYO's pic and i fell inlove with him again!! =D he is
soo cutee!! and according to michael tang, KYO is a nathan anime version!!
LIKE WOW.. xD i have to agree with himm!! hehehe
PLAYED softball on thursday, tried catchin the ball with my own bare hands and realised it was heavyy and painfull, take another
notice i wasnt wearing any gloves!!
yeap yeap it hurtedd!! ^^ sigh stupid mee!! =.=
People are going commerse excursion.. yeap yeap ^^ stupid cheap arse people cant be botherd payiing!! tsk tsk
i want an excuriion.. sighh

Another year of buying presents and xmas cards, yeap yeap APHS people your gettin a xmas card from mee!! yeap yeap and also outside APHS people are also getting xmas cards!! ^^
im soo kind. Man i gotta bu present for people having a bday.
Have's to go library to returned over due books, but thank you to my sister she already did iit!!
yeap yeap ^^ awwesomeness and dats why ii owe her moneyy!! =S
no moneyy!! grrr. im brokee. *sigh*
i want money for xmas!! lots and lots of moneyy!! =D
SMALLVILLE BROTHER, AQUA man soo HOt and yummy!! xD
i wanna eat him mayteyy!!
<3 2="MOTHER'S 47th
DECEMBER 5=Ashley A, Chontelle S, & Hannnah Q { all turning 15}
DECEMBER 9=John M's 15th
DECEMBER 12=Dina's 15th
DECEMBER 13=Daryl's 15th
DECEMBER 14=cousin Natasha's 16th
DECEMBER 16=neighbour Ysabella's 11th
DECEMBER 17=brother Rohan's 10th & Granyy's 84th
DECEMBER 21= YEAR 9; over, holidays!!
DECEMBER 22=Yayan's 15th
DECEMBER 25=Jesus's birthday& Christmas dayy.
DECEMBER 31= Uncle Champa
JANUARY 1= NEW YEAR!! 2007 &
FEBRUARY 1= YEAR 10 2007 for me ^^
Well im off gonna start writting xmas cards to people!!
& john's birthday cardd!! xD ^^
rararara.. tc
until neext tiime ^^

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