Monday, December 18, 2006

last week, babyy!! rarara

ONCE AGAIN, i am here bloggin my way outt!! xD & another awesome week gone!!
yeap yeap ^^ LMAO
and again i am listening to a range of music:
the music that is currently on my playlist is:
Smack that- Akon
She's like the wind-Lumidee
Gun's for show, knives for a pro-Parkway Drive
Every time we touch-Cascada
7 years and 50 days-Cascada
I miss you-Cascada
Tears to Shed-Corpse of bride
I'll be- Wdwin McCain [currently listening to it]
How to save a life-The fray
Don't say no-IBU
What hurts the Most-Rascal flatts
It's you- Ryan Cabrera

yeap yeap!! ^^ that is my depressing/wonkkyy lisst, i mostly drown my self with "everytime we touch" because i am depresse at the moment, which sux!! =S cause of 'someone'...
rarara. anyhoos, ohmygosh, this week has been super awesome!!
rarara, my first time i had my hair in a "kwiif" *dnt know how to spell iit. T_T* *slapps-*
LMAO, but yeahh still good, it was sunny yeap yeap it was hott ^^ grrrr,

&& Tuesday HAPPY BIIRTHDAY DINA!! yeap yeap ^^
BEEP TEST!! yeapii, gots 6.3 darn should have gotten mooree!! -.- GRRR arghh and someone got 8.3 GRR daryl stupid gronk stuffin it to my faceee!!
*mel flicks daryl's neck..* rarara!!
yeap yep and and daryl,tanju and i went westfields after school to check xmas presents, den didnt realised i missed my dam TRAIN!! grrr. all daryls fault ahah gots our lovely reports mayte!! rarara, and daryl and i swaped bags until my train came!! =D rarara
and that's the day he started "ignoring" mee. :'( its soo not faiir...

And wednesaday came HAPPY BIIRTHDAY DARYL!! yeap yeap ^^ someone turned 15.. yeap yeap DARYL^^ *punches 15 and 2 for good luck && raiinboow kiss!! xD man practecllyy the whole school did commerce mayte!! grr soo boring!! >_< whole school assembly killed my life!! soo dam boriing!! =/ and yeah everyone was gone, classes combined and did random things.
MATHS for once was funn, played random games... so awesome ^^ bOoyahh and yeah visual arts, we painted soo awesome mannn. ehhe gots paint on my chux grrr& uniform too
then the whole two periods of english melina and i went and bludged, and slept on the bench and talk about "thinngs" rarara. so awesome ehhehe!!
LMAO melina and i, our "fantasy guyy" hehehe ^^
then after school daryl and i had a deal to meet at the station at 3. yeap yeap ^^ gave the present, found!! ehehe!! T_T soo weiird, aaron killed my fricken hand at slappss!! 'siigh'
and ii saw daryl's dad!! ^^ rarara, bleh and thursdayy,
um yeah thursday um um HAPPY BIRTHDAY TASHYYY! well it was a darn fricken hott dam dayyy!! grrr soo hotttt. killed my fricken lifeee. people thought of jiggin and yeah, had a black out so free periods... woohoo. and something made me click and made my eyes leak...
----avoiding+silent treatment=
melanie finally gave up and poured everything out----
well didnt cry like a woos but yeap cried!! =S sighh, michael.t hittiing me, trying to get out why i was upsett& i eventually told himm wah i thought!! grrr
the reason is soo fricken gayy!! im soo siick of itt!! sighh. and yeah cleaned classrooms but michael and i went walk around, and act stupiid and michael jumping everywerr!! T_T
"why cant everything go back to normal..."
A.M.Y all happy, happy famillyy. GRRR T_T im soo sadd!
and yeah wat else happend, oh well presentation day rehearsal yeap yeap ^^ receiving and award..*clapps/* boOyahh. and yeah after dat played a little biit of sportt and yeah bought daryl a driink..
ii tried talkin to hiim but stiil nothing happend.*stab stabb-*
caught an early traiin!! BOOYAH wasnt latee!! ^^

And friday came, cold as hell like wth?! grrr im soo siik of this. yeap yeap ^^ it was bladii raining and no umbrella.. sighh and yeahh tiredd to forget everything but i jst cant, i jst miss everythiing!!
this week hav been liike a depressing/hyper/wonkkyyy and annoying week!! yeap yeap all mixed.
and sam at maths talked to mee and she made me remember how things cant always go the way people want it too bee, even though it would be easyy..!! sighh but then, this doesnt mean im gonna stopp even though it will piss the crapp out of mee! grrr ohh well thiis will come to an endd! ^^
wOOhoo! and yeah it was still raining and and yeap yeap awards brahh! ^^ wOOhoo
KULURAM got ownd!! bwhahah "its roll call" mayte!! Booayhh!! xD bwaahhahahah
eheheh im soo kiind, rarara! and yeah our last friday this year!! omg soo sadd, and our last BOOST DAYY!! *sniif sniif* LMAO xD and and bought something!! bwhahaha soo awesome!! =D and still good. ehehe
partyy on saturday, actually two partiies tomrow!! siigh soo darn tiired!! =S
need sleep and and SMALLVILLE tonightt!! *smiles* got a long letter from leyla!! rarara and i got a protected pal from leylaa and i named it BOOST!! bOoayhh xD and and and its a turtllee!!ahaha soo coolies mayte!! suppose to catch the train with my sister but i missed dat train, den met andrew and train was coming liike laterr, so andrew and i went and called yayan and met with them, and we all went home together!! eheheh andrew and daryl made me fricken ran dey got my calendarr.. & daryl ran trough that silver handle thingo on the traiin!! stupid kiid!! ^^ lmao and daryl also hiit his own head twice on the window, man ders something wrong with that kid, so strangee!! T_T stupid brotherr!! bwhaaha
michael and yayan are soo cutee. i love them bothh!! my son,
and yeah not divorce and never wiil, i am sticking with my wiife and my son!! xD
i love them boths to death!! and my brat too: DARYL IS MY BRAT
brat=brother!! && everyonee!! =D

This makes me cryy="everytiime we touch" song 'sigh;
i really want the thing backk!! please jst talk too mee!! T_T grrr.
LMAO daryl tagg'd my bebo!! rarara soo manyy dotts mann!! GRR soo wonkyy but still its all good, i lovvee itt!! xD LMAO rarara
man i love bloggin, yeap yeap another long as blogg ^^ have fuun.
oh and yayan gave "Scrapped Princess" yeap yeap ^^ but i wantt fruit baskett!!
wOOohooo!! yeap yeap michael and yayan going strathfield!! oh wait its flemington, lmao HOT CHIPSS!! bwahhah woOhoo!! xD
love u guys mann!! soo awesome

SATURDAYYY=ysabelle's biirthday parteyy(pool) and dani's parteyy!! (bbq)sigh two parteyss man!! shees!! omg i dnt know wahh too wear!! skinyy jeans!!? yeap yeap ^^ done. wait my top.. um i dnt know watever i guess!! blehh LMAO xD and
SUNDAYY= ROHAN's (bro) biirthdayy!! bOoyahh xD and and four more days of school!!
soo awesome mann. gottta bumm around!! =D and make thiis last week awesome!!
rarara, woOhooo!! no more cryiing, and i gotta mke this thiings rightt noww!! ^^ must make things riight or else im soo gonna stabb myself and that person!! T_T
which i dnt want to dooo.
well yeah ill lett u know iff something good happens!! xD soo cooliiess. well im gonna go gotta pee and wash the dishess!! =D bOOyah xD

PS: gave all the cards away!! yay.
score and gotta make;home/hand made one for yayan!! xD

"guess wah...? xmas is cominngg" yeap yeap sean dats my linee!! ^^

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