Wednesday, December 27, 2006

last week of year 9 2006!! *sniff snif*


omgashhh, its like soo awesome, I will only be giving u a summary of each week, well ill try to make it a summary!! =D
yeapyeap no music today, because im quite happy!!
and yes holiday have began, and its cool bcoz I can sleep!! ^^yeepiii
my last week have been great, no annoyingness and depressingness!!( no such thing )
Our last year assembly of year 9 2006, was on monday, yes yes
LAST ONE!! and dats when students wer given an award!! and yet again me and the clapping!! i jst cant sstopp, and "KULARAM!!" *clapps* yeapyeap ^^ i dnt know but still it was awesome.
I got an award, so did the usual nerd people!! yes nerds are cool!!
that's what michael would sayy!! =)
yes it was hyper, so hyper so made the use to itt!! my last hyperness, going around groups and making dem assume dat im on drugss! im not, *rolls eyes* xD
and again the usual stuf, but teacher werent botherd to teach so we jst cleand!! yeapyeap geographyy wecleanedd!! =).. again... oh and and and english, i think we combined classes and we wathd "FREAKY FRIDAY" yeapyeap and guess who's in itt...? yes CHAD MICHAEL MURRAY!! *breath breath breath,* soawesome!! i screamd out "its CHAD!!" out loud, made the teacher pause the movie and gave one of her
"going back to doing work" speech!! soo i tryd not to go wiild, wen chad came on!! but jst cantt!! ^^
daryl made my haiir movee!! T_T and dey kept on pulling my hairr!! darn kidss!! =.=

Tuesday was um good, our last tuesday for 2006.
I dnt quite remeber wahh happend!! tuesday was nothing, i guess nothing hapnd!! i thinkk, oh yeah not
much people came the usual people came to school, which was good!! =)
OHH YEAH now i remeberr!! it was wen people didnt come to school yesyes and for science we plannd on
jigging, but jst couldnt, it was Alvin,Daryl,Yayan and I, we tryd to go out, but then i was scared!!
soo alviin stayed withh mee!! ^^ andand we made our own science class in the stable area, we played
basketball, well handball with a basketball. Then daryl and yayan came back soo we sat derr!! then teachers started to question us, yes yes!! creepyy!! but then again yayan and daryl left again so it was
alvin and i again, we decided to go to class, ayes and actually do work!!*sigh*
"CROSSWORD" he says, but not it was actually space work!! T_T soo yea did the work, well try and do the
work!! and later we played some game this teacher gave uss!! =) it was weird because the bell went at
once, we only had 5 mins left!!
and alvin,tanju and i met sean and my sister outside school. Sister was asking weer daryl was, heheh!! ^^
soo yeah, wat else happend!! um went and bought food i think, and say daryl yeapyeap ^^ and dats wen
he came and said he was bannd from Bi-Lo or coles i dnt know which one!! but still he was bannd, because
he got caught taxing, which he wasnt it was the other two kids hu taxed!!
tsk tsk, *shake heads.* and yeah we all went home; home sweet home

Wednesday came, we didnt have our WHOLE SHCOOL ASSEMBLY because it was raining!! yeah and it was
cold, like wahh the heck!! and that's wen less people came to school, roll call was empty!! heheh!! ^^
sam's last dayy, she may be moviing!! but i hope not!! she was my first friend in APHS!! ='(
Dnt go samm!! sigh-
Our last visual arts class, najib came!! so did DINA and jonh and melina!! awesome
we watched a moviie, it was a weird one because it was old!! ^^
and yeah combined classes for science again, watched this documentary called "SPACE" it was awesome.
"why is the black hole powerful..?" alvin asked
"becaus it was black!" replied mel!! =S
didnt mean it dat wayy, but the black hole is cool!! =D
Melina and tanju slept!! LMAO funny kids and so did yayan. darn no one had a pen to draw on der faces!!
NO FUN!! =[ and maths was awesome, suppose to have a party but it was only shamayl, tommy and me hu
wer der, & i was nigel. shamayl and tommy played chess!! =D and ate food too
Melina and I combined classes with daryl's class, it was a wicked!!
played slaps and daryl took my wallet and started chucking my money out the window!! yes OUT THE WINDOW, i had to ran down and grab itt!! grr >=( Daryl killd my hand in slapps, stupid kidd!! =S soo
mean! omg JONHS alien eggs are soo awesome, der like soo hott!! *yuummy* =)
and yeah, our last IST class nothing happend, oh we celebrated YAYAN's bday !! yeapyeap we watched her stuffd that cake down her throat!! nope she didnt share!! tsk tsk T_T
we wer starviing!! and alviin broke my umbrella, then leo started making his scientific notes on how to bring my umbrella back to liife, but daryl jst flippd it over and it was alive!!
LMAO den leo wanted to break it again and fix itt!! man dat kid is strangee!! ^^
but all good, we werent suppose to go IST but the teacher was watching us over the window.. >_< grr ="(">

Then thrusday came, our last final day!! no one came, well as far as i know it was me, daryl,yayan, alvin
thomas,kularam,rohan,charlie,saif and yeah more people
No teachers wanted to get us so we went across the road and played BASKETBALL
yes and dats wen my nose broke!! yeap darn thomas and his massive hands!! POW he smacks the ball the the ball lands on my FACE!!*ouch* i saw jesus!! well not really i saw stars!! ._.
and den michael tang came and joind us, him and eren started chuckinn rocks at mee!! GRR annoyed the crap out off mee!! *got up and started to find a bigger rock to chuck at dem.*
shamayl came with his chessboard and yeah played dat!!
Roll call was again empty,it was only saif and I hu turned uupp!! =) so kularam,alvin,saif and i sat on the floor and taked about year 10!! creepy yet xcited!! =D
and again played bball again!! then helpd teacher arrange their xmas party, darn chairss!! GRR den daryl and i got UNO cards of my sister, and played dat!! yeapyeap tought roahn how to play^^
won llike more than once!! ahahh suxed in daryl, den the circle got bigger and instead of saying UNO we say "peniis" =) yeapyeap and we made our own rulles!! it was weird but it was cool LMAO daryl ended up having 30 uno cards on his hands!! LMAO =D dat kidd
and den we decided to say kularam's real name! awesome name dat kidd!! den got bored of playing coz mattman kept on winning!! grr dat kidd!! =D den played slapps again! got up and played random things, i started to tickle AARON dat kid iss soo cutee!! =D lmao mattman, awesome kidd too!! =D
started wetting people and the school captain people decided to let us go, dat we can go home!!
so we did!! all the awesome HUGGIN!! iactually huggd everybodyy!!
i ddint miss anyone!! yeapyeap i hugged dem all!! ^^ every rohan!! =D
daryl,mattman and I went auburn to get kebab!! yeapyeap me in auburn ^^
wicked ayee!!? =D den rohan,alvin,michael and shamayl didnt know wer to go, der suggestion wer:

-bondi beach
-daryl's house
-michael's house
-some park..

and yeah dey decided to stay in parra, while daryl,mattman and i went auburn!!
we wer gonna go my place but my place was a mess!! =C
soo we went and bummd at auburn, den sister calld wanted the keyy soo we went and met them in auburn station, we went to auburn park to eat!! darn kebab was soo wrapped securelyy only thing that wasnt ther
was a padlock!! like seriouslly, it took me a while to open itt, the time i opned it daryl was half way eating his one!! T_T wasnt my fault, den we sat on grass i started to itch den my sister realise i was allergic to grass, couldnt find a tap we found one, but it didnt hav a nob! sean said i need to ask the auburn council or soemthing!! =X i was dyiinG!! and der wasnt no toilet,well der was but it was only for men!! GRRR
But i survived it was good!! no one died!! mattman,daryl and i went to the swings, mattman was soo cute he didnt want to go higher, daryl was pushing mee!! ^^ stupid nnob didnt want me to push hiim!! GRR
i wanted him to fall. heheheh! xD
and den we moved to the slides and went sliding!! =D ahah i landed on daryl and mattman!
"im not ticklish..." but no daryl kept on wasting his time in tickling mee!!
darn kidd, and den we got thirsty and went and J-WALKED!! sigh* lmao
den we decided to go home since we have a brother in ashfield waiting for uss!!
sean came with us to ashfield, he got aticket to stanmore!! T_T
den huggd everybodyy! darn mattman didnt gve me a hugg!! ohwell it was daryl's fault!!
him and his porn!! =S
soo we went home!! home sweet home, well not quite we brought sean to ashfield mall, and showed him the beauty of ashfield!! =D soo awesome. soo yeah it was all good, he wanted to come to our place, but he had only 2 mins for his train!! and wen he miss this train he has to waiit for 16 mins!!
soo he leftt!!
ohh btw on our way to ashfield, sean gave me daryl's present for mee!!
yeapyeap & dat i ahd to open it on xmas dayy!! =D
sooo cool, well i guessed wahh it was alreadyy =) soo its all good!! LMAO

BTW, holidays are great again!! =)
SAM!!*wink wink* love u heaps girl!! <3
WELL DATS ITT, dats my summary of my last week!! well kinda!! =D bwhhhhahah awesome long bloggs!! bOOyah!!

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