Tuesday, January 16, 2007

2007, holidays and everything i can thiink off!! = )

2007 and new awesome start!! my first post this year !!
holidays are super, watched night at the museum!
It was great, = ) & funnyy . I havnt blogg is yonkers, im soo lazyy GRR this lazyness..
PRINCE OF PERSIA, im stuxx!! darn that level!!
i want to get POP Warrior Within!! it looks and sounds hectikk !!
thank god for demo's!! hahaha xD

-Daryl came over, it was super. Man early brids this dayss !! T_T
went oreos/ lollies shopping !! yummy oreo's = )
Forced dazzle to eat lunch, all he ate was CARROTS, played some cards and this game !! daryl won, shees =.=
den went to the park, played badminton der, my sister wen and picked sean up from the station, swing are super cool !! = ) i ran into the pole !! darn pole =
Sean ate watermelon with his fingers, didnt even bother using the fork ! Daryl took my awesome packet of oreo's !! Take the milk too while ur at itt! =.=
More shoppings & i need more summer clothers, Wanting to clean my closet for sometime a while now and i have finally cleanned my closet and chucked wonkayy clothes away, and now i need new ones !!
More sleep, yess its a beautyy, smallville its veryy good and supernatural is backs. SAM & DEAN!! yes der back !! & cant waiit for new shows, HEROES and UGLY BETTY = )

I need grey pants for school, yeapyeap i need to go parramatta for this one !
Went Jamberoo on Jan 13 it was super funn, = ) awesome slides and rides. My feet are burnt like crazyy =S
awesome filo food, yummy chickens !! = ) spring rolls yay!!
Man neck is sore from the ride, bus ride, didnt sleep well!! =( but it was a fun day
i wanna go der again! It was packed wen we went der ! I guess it will alwasy ill be, go carts are funn! = )

I had a hair cut, the jedi is gonerss!! no more jedii ! x) gonna be dying it red! if im botherdd!! shees againt he lazyy feeling is kicking in again !! sighh
Well and i really want this thing in this shopp!! its for my arts stuff !! =)
but dad wont buyy itt , oh well i will gett itt soon !! =)
anyway ill update my holidays later on.


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