Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Last holidays; weeks

woow holidays are great, ehhehe
man so many birthday these month !! yeapyeap gotta make a list of thems !!

• january;
7- phil
10- fiela &noel
12- sean
23- cedric
24- karen

• Oh the 10th of january it was fiela's party was great, it was soo filo-ish and i loved itt!! it was super fun!!
darn games killed my life !!
but still it was fun. I met kevin for a very long time, it was uber coolies !! = ) and i also met kevin's cousin from the
philippines and newcastle !! They wer veryy awesome and cool. Allen was super cool !! because he is a rock kid !!
lmao, Food was great !! yummy & finnaly gave the game to kevin !! LMAO now he feels guilty of chucking itt !!
because i dont want to chuck it my self !! long story only kevin and I knows the story !!
bwhahah = ) My sister and I left at 9, because it was later for my dad and the mosquitoes are eating me alive !!
But it was veryy cool !! so are the cousins !! =D

• 19th of january went uniform shopping, yes grey pants !! New pants and i need a new sport short ! so we
went shopping !! lovely, havent been to westfield in ages well parramatta at least !! = ) and after we met up with
sean, he was in citybeach it was very hard to find him!! well he found him den we lost him again !!
Darn people lots of people !!
Then we went to the Tran place! it was a very very long walk, it was sunny very hot !! and i think i died and went to
heaven and came back ! but im still alive Arrived there, it was very hot !! but there house was cool, it has an
airconditioner !! = ) stood, well sat in front of itt ! Hehehhe got introduced by my sister to Mrs. Tran it was cool !! and
later Mr. Tran ame home and once again with the introducing !! eheh hanged around at daryl's room !! Awesome pillow it was veryy comfyy !! =) matthew was der too !! = ) we ate something i forgot wat it was called, and we ate watermelon and nacho cheese flaovur chips. It was very nice/ I met tin-tin he is veryy cute, he jumped on mee !! it
was very scaryy but he didnt eat me !! Im still good !! We applied eyeliner to matthew he was very scared !!
Then it was getting late, sean and his dad drove us to the station, and we went big W bought something and went home, it was a very hot day. SWEATTTT =

• 23rd of January Daryl and I went movies, we went and saw "PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS" it was a good movie, i didnt cry !! = ) But it was still good, Daryl wont stop crackin his neck it annoyed the hell out of me !! But he stopped because he saw someone fell down the stairs ! Three people fell. Man cant they walk Properlyy.
We bumped into Chau,steph and friend in the movies and they wer watching the same movie too. So we watched it with them ! As usuall daryl and i went and bought oreos !! ahah it was veryy nice. Daryl's plan was to buy a gallon of ice cream and eat ice cream while watching, but he couldnt be botherd !! T.T
It was a good day, daryl made me took all t he stairs, instead of the moviing stairs !
CEDRIC's birthday, gave him a call he was very suprised !! Man i miss that dude ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY kidoo = )

&bulls; The rest of the holiday is simply bludggin !!= ) and computer
I have started watching Scrapped princess its awesome ! im afraid i wont be able to finish it !! Shcool will start Tomorow !! shees = ) Im excited!! HYPER-NESS again ! yeppiii =D
I have FInished madagscar the game !! = ) ahah and i nearly finish NFS underground2 !!
i need more time !

I am ready for school !

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