Saturday, February 03, 2007

new school week. 2007

School week has began, very exciting !! couldnt wait until school start!
First day of school jumped on everybody & hugged everyone !! Went pyscho. It was a hot day, sweating like hell !
Evryone looked so different with white shirt ! They looks OLD xD
First couple of days was good, veryy hectik bcoz of time tables and all.
Roll call im in 10R2 now, instead of 10R1 !! got move. STILL GOOD.
Dina is leaving !! i hate her for leaving me with najib !! tsk tsk =( I have to kidnap her ! But i have to let her go or else her mother will stab me !
Good classes this year ! Well i like thems ! I got grade sport now ! WOOHOOO. =)
Daryl,alvin,tanju are in my geography,history,health,grade sport,pe classes !! AHAH awesome
Top class for english, third class for maths ! and with ms krix fro science and with andrew for visual arts!! GOOD CLASSES?yes dey are !! xD
Im not in any classes with yayan !! & michael and victor and shamayl. But still theres lunch and reccess with thems !
Victor told me to do something for him, very rebelious !! tsk tsk but alvin did it for him !! BWAHAHAH xD and i got the sausage roll woOHOO well half of it anyway !! STILL GOOD.
Fridays gotta leave early 1:00 instead of 1:40 ahah suxx crap juniors !! BWAHHAH xD
And agains westfields times, awesome good times ! = )

Was with daryl,alvin,chris& shamayl after school yesterday. Yayan,michael,andrew,victor went granville net cafe !
GOOD they didnt skip classes !! = )
Went to eat lunch and my feet was killing me !! =) Chris went home, alvin and shamayl went granville& daryl and i went lidcombe. Couldnt decide wat to do: go home and be der extra early OR go with daryl to berala.
Waited and missed two trains that goes to ashfield, so i went with daryl to berala.
First time in berala TWO PLATFORMS !! pretty cool = )
sat on the floor and waited for the benches to be emptyy and it did ! Spammed daryl's dairy with my awesome randomness !! = ) ahah made a wish list for me. VERY COOL waited for half an hour till my train comes, so did random things ! BERALA is so quite T_T its like croydon, its isolated !! BWAHHA daryl spammed my dairy too. =.= so the train came and went home.

Must have for school:

&bulls; visual arts diary
&bulls; gell pens
&bulls; scissor

Unitl next time ♥

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