Monday, April 09, 2007

since i've blog...

려 려 I feel bad: My blogg is dead !! It's been a long time since i've blog, and it sucked !!
but hopefully ill get back t bloggin. Been really busy and tired and to mention LAZY !! =S
but its all good. Well 1st term jst ended on thursday, and its all good: Holidays are preety good, mostly out SHOPPING ! holidays, went easter show; now BROKE!!

need to do over holidays:
• finish photogrpahy assignment
• shop around & buyy stuff
• study for maths
• get more sleep
• catch up with old mates
• visit my loving brother, Daryl ♥
• play dotA !! = ) KEVIINNN = )
• watch movie: TMNT !!

Got needles today, my left arm is numb!! cant move itt.
yay lazange for dinner todayy !

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